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Hello fellow Thespian!

I’m here to ensure that you submit the best tape possible. I'm patient and I'll stick with you for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with your performance or rehearsal.
We’re in this together !

I have 10+ years of acting experience starting in Theater. I’ve trained with Toronto & Vancouver ‘s top Film & TV coaches and I am well-versed in techniques that will help you to break down the script and build character development.

I look forward to reading with you!

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Actress and Producer from Toronto Ontario. Currently based in Vancouver, B.C.

Lily Yawson is an actress and producer, best known for Batwoman (CW 2021), Dirty Little Secrets (Lifetime 2022), The Flash (CW 2023), A million Little Things (ABC 2023), Legends of tomorrow (CW 2021), Awake (2018) and In Her City (2020).

Leyla Carreira at Lucas Talent Inc

110 Reader Reviews

" Wonderful reader and patient with my technical difficulties. Thank you! "
" Just amazing to work with !!! "
" Loved reading with Lily, such a supportive scene partner! "
" Lily was amazing!!! I most definitely like her energy and the great advise she gives!! I completely saw my transformation with this audition. If you want someone who takes their craft serious, you definitely need to give her a shout! "
" Lily is amazing! Talented, personable, and an excellent reader. Thank you! "
" Lily was amazing!!! Such a light and so fun to play off of "
" Lily was fantastic. She was super patient and gave me all the time I needed to work through my audition, not to mention she gave an excellent read. Thank you so much, Lily!!! "
" Great read! "
" Lily was so patient and wonderful to work with! I liked the notes that were given as well, felt really helpful! "
" Easy to work with and super helpful!!!! "
" Lily is awesome! Great reader; so grounded and real! "
" Great Reader "
" Thank you, Lily! "
" Great working with Lily! Excellent scene partner! "
" REALLY Amazing! "
" Love you!!! "
" She is the best! Love her directions and coach!!!! "
" Great reader, great scene partner, great notes! "
" Great reader! Gives helpful feedback and very patient. Thank you! "
" Lily was patient and helpful. She gave great feedback and suggestions. "
" My sista killed it!!! "
" So patient and honestly so nice to work with! "
" Wonderful, friendly, professional! "
" Thank you "
" Thank you queeeeeeeeen! "
" Wonderful reader and great coaching! Easy going and made the work comfortable. Hope to work with you again!! "
" Thank you for your help. Aces! "
" Great reader. "
" Fantastic "
" Perceptive. Fun. Offers great feedback. It was a pleasure working with Lily "
" Lily is an excellent reader! "
" I really enjoyed working with Lily! She was very generous and giving with her reads "
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" Wonderful partner and fantastic notes "
" Great.. patient... "
" Lily is a great reader! "
" Amazing so supportive and really understands the craft. "
" Amazing "
" Patient and tech savvy. Lily helped to keep a calm environment and helped troubleshoot some of the bugs on the app to help our session run smoothly barring any technical hiccups. Would recommend again and again. "
" Lily is professional, unassuming, candid and with excellent insight. She helped easing into the scene and when asked her comments where spot on. I recommend her! "
" Lily is incredible! So kind so generous with her time and extremely supportive! "
" Really fun, chill rehearsal with Lily. Greatly appreciated! "
" Excellent Reader!!! Super chill, and easy to work with!!!! "
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" Very patient! And patience is definitely a virtue. Thanks so much for your help. "
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" Very patient. Great suggestions. Really insightful "
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" Really helped me capture the severity of Mia’s situation that so many women face. "
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" Great reader! Thanks Lily! "
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" Amazing! "
" Lily is one of the best readers I've ever had! She gave me plenty of space to be in my process as I worked through my scenes. Plus, she gave great feedback when I asked. She adjusted pace and volume for each scene and helped be feel comfortable with the choices I wad making. Highly recommend you book her!! "
" Very good Reader and very patient with me! "
" Loved working with Lily. You should hire her "
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" Such a lovely energy! Patient, helpful notes and gave me what I needed to feel good about my takes :D "
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" Lily was incredible! Helped me make great choices and was a great reader! "
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" Excellent reader! Such great energy and patience. "
" Lily was great to read with and gave me some great feedback as well! Definitely book with her when you can! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
HPI Pilot
2022 [added]
A Million little Things
Tv Series Principal
2022 [added]
The Flash
2022 [added]
So help me Todd
TV Series Principal
2021 [IMDB]
TV Series
2021 [added]
Legends of Tomorrow
2020 [IMDB]
If I Should Die
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
In Her City
2019 [IMDB]
Dream Date
2013 [IMDB]