Lejewelia Lewis

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Hello and Greetings! My name is Lejewelia Jamise. I am an actress based out of Atlanta, GA. I started acting back in Nov. 2017 and have been enjoying the journey ever since.

I started taking acting classes with Theresa Bell of TBell Actors studios located in Dallas, TX.

I just moved to Atlanta to be exposed to more opportunities. I am now taking virtual acting classes through Berg Studios based in Los Angeles and Ann Noble is my instructor.

I have been a part of short films, student films, and National television commercials.

I am an expert in southern/Texan accent.

I look forward to assisting you in anyway possible because we are all in this together!

Email: lejeweliajamise@gmail.com
personal website: www.lejeweliajamise.com

Actress recently relocated to Atlanta, GA. Just recently signed to Spark Talent Agency. Has starred in student film, short films and national Commercials. I am currently training at Berg Studios located in Los Angeles via virtual.

Agency: Spark Talent Agency Sara@sparktalentagency.com Management: Panache Management jennifer@panachemanagement.com lejeweliajamise@gmail.com www.lejeweliajamise.com

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