Shadow C. LaValley

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

For more information on my current and past work, I welcome you to view my information at: :-)

I am an American film, television and theatre actor and award winning filmmaker who resides in Los Angeles, California.

I have been an actor and filmmaker since 2009. Most recently, two of my works (Drive, The Can) have been award winners at festivals here in the USA and around the world.

Having a good amount of experience on both sides of the fence when it comes to acting and filmmaking, I would be more than happy to assist you as a reader! Whether it is a table read, preparing for an audition, class scenes, etc.

My rates are simple and straight to the point:

15 Minutes = $5
30 Minutes = $10
60 Minutes = $20

You can book my time based on the above three time brackets. For example:

Book for 1hr 15min. = $25
Book for 45min. = $15
Book for 1hr 45min. = $35

Finally, I am available for in-person (COVID safe environment) reads, Zoom reads, and/or Skype reads. I am available for reads outside of the Los Angeles area, but only through Zoom and/or Skype.

Notable Skills:
Precision Driver (former NASCAR driver-in-training), Drive--Manual Shift, Drive--ATV, Drive--Snowmobile, Firearms--Revolver/Handgun/Shotgun/Rifle, Automatic/Semi-Automatic/Bolt Action/Muzzle Loader, Archery, Shooting--Skeet-Trap, Archery, and Fishing.

I am overly humble and empathetic.

As a person, I am the one who would go in the refrigerator to get some fruit and pick out the fruit that was going bad first so that whoever came in next to get some fruit could enjoy the fresher fruit.

As an actor, I am the one who you would see show up 45 minutes to an hour early to set or the audition just to make sure that I was on time. I take direction very well and equally seriously when on set! I was once praised on the set of Escape at Dannemora due to my consistency in simply "Going back to 1." when the shot was cut and being overly professional on set.

Award winning filmmaker for "Drive" (2019) and "The Can" (pre-production).

For more information on my current and past work, I welcome you to view my information at: :-)

DiGi Talent Management: Karen DeGennaro 323-793-4374
" I was in a crunch and we had. great efficient read that I walked away from feeling good about "
" SO PATIENT !!! would highly recommend "
" Great read with Shadow. Very professional and great tips. "