Lauryn Gick

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Hey there! Looking for a quick reader? I'm Lauryn. I have taken acting classes for two years and learned as much as I can outside of class as well. Late last year I got my first theater role in "Twelve Angry Jurors".
I am a versatile reader, and I take direction well to match whatever you need. Need energy? Drama? No emotion, just the lines? I got you! I'm glad to read for any character. (I have a Midwest American accent.)

Please no profanity, blasphemy, or sexual content.

I am an actor based in the Midwest (Central Time Zone). For two years, I have been taking classes and learning all I can about the business and craft of acting.
I joined WeAudition to practice acting and to get comfortable working with a reader. Some of the characters I play with don't fit my type or age... I like to challenge myself and explore what can be learned from characters very unlike myself. For the most part, I enjoy TV/Film Drama.

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2023 [added]
Twelve Angry Jurors
Theater Juror 4