Lauren Meckel

Hello! My name is Lauren, I'm a Texas actor and a forensic scientist with a background in theatre. I love watching actors bring characters to life and, as a scene partner, I've been told I am patient, encouraging, and comfortable to work with. When COVID19 hit I was in the middle of touring a one-woman musical-comedy. I'm missing that show a lot right now but until we can get back to it I'm attending (online) class, writing scripts, and hoping to help others keep up the work.

Lauren Meckel is a latina actor, writer, and scientist from Spring, Texas. She is known for reviving the one-woman musical comedy, 'Bad Girls Upset by the Truth," a play written in the 90s by Austin Music Awards winner, Jo Carol Pierce. Lauren is also a trained forensic anthropologist and holds a Master's degree in Anthropology from Texas State University. Her work has been featured on the podcast 'Criminal' and online for The New York Times and National Geographic.

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Bad Girls Upset by the Truth