Laurie Tanner

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 18.00

Very happy to help you with your audition. I’m an actor, teacher and writer. Actors need someone who can read well - and sometimes they need someone who can supply thoughtful, objective tips in a very short time. When requested, I can give insights. As a writer, I’m also trained to quickly get to the gist of a text, and I enjoy making YOU look good! I also enjoy teaching.
I can help with;

- Starting and ending a monologue or audition scene (buttons are my specialty!)
- Emotional depth
- Text analysis
- Feedback of any kind

Or, I can just be a great scene partner. Anything to help you succeed.
I appreciate tips and good reviews.

Hello. My name is Laurie. I’m an actor and writer, having turned once again to these fields after a hiatus during which I raised my sons and taught English. I live in South Florida and I am currently involved in acting projects with the South Florida Shakespeare Troupe. I’ve also done some other local theatre, and I’m working on writing three plays, one of which, a short play, will be read later this summer.

BMG Talent Stellar Agency Miami Select Talent Susan Applegate

24 Reader Reviews

" Helped with reading for word perfect! "
" Had to cut short due to tech issues, but Laurie had lots of great energy and enthusiasm as a reader :) "
" Lovely reader. "
" So patient and insightful! "
" Very patient reader! I was sticky with lines and she was helpful and kind. "
" Great reader!! "
" Laurie spent extra time with me and helped me block and shape the scene... great reader! "
" Great reader !!! "
" Excellent "
" Great reader "
" Thank you, Laurie! "
" Super sweat and patient! "
" She is the best!!! FANTASTIC actress / reader / professional / warm. "
" Great Reader and offered great tips "
" Laurie is awesome! "
" Fantastic actress, professional, warm, supportive, and gracious. One of my favorites. "
" Lovely woman. good reader very helpful "
" Lovely reader with good suggestions. Thanks! "
" Fantastic reader!! "
" Laurie was so helpful! She had a lot of great suggestions that really improved how I was reading my sides. "
" Friendly, Professional, Great reader. Helped me run lines like a champ! Thanks. "
" Great reader! Gave me some great notes and re-directs - Helped me find some much needed color to the scene! Thanks Laurie! "
" Really great reader. Very helpful and helped me find some more colors in my scenes. "

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