Laura Shatkus

Hi there! I would love to help you find the nuances of your audition...and quickly. I have taught and coaching acting for over 10 years and am myself working as an on-camera actor. I churn out about 5 auditions a week so I know your unique needs in terms of sculpting a scene and quick turn around.

I excel in making things funnier than they are (commercial copy, anyone) and helping actors find the A to C of the scene, even if you only have one line!

Laura Shatkus is an actor, director, and writer hailing from Chicago where she trained for both the stage and camera for 10 plus years.

For over 20 years, she has worked professionally in theatre in Chicago and regionally (Florida Repertory Theatre, The Hippodrome Theatre, North Dakota Shakespeare Theatre, TheatreSquared, The Gift Theatre, Collaboraction, Mary-Arrchie, Muse of Fire, and 16th Street Theatre among others) as well as appearing in Tulsa King on Paramount +, starring Sylvester Stalone, Mindcage, starring John Malkovich and The Hallmark Channel's Follow Your Heart and Finding Love In Mountain View among other feature films.

As a director and producer she has presented everything from contemporary theatre in non-traditional spaces to opera and has also recently started casting and directing for the camera.

Duvall-Mac (Dallas, TX) Actors Casting Agency (Fayetteville, AR) Magna Talent (Oklahoma City, OK) First Coast Talent (Jacksonville, FL)

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
Tulsa King
TV Series
2021 [IMDB]
Glass Cages
2020 [IMDB]
Innamorarsi a Mountain View
2020 [IMDB]
Follow Your Heart
TV Movie
2016 [IMDB]
Boot the Pigeon
casting assistant
2014 [IMDB]
Valley Inn
2013 [IMDB]
Gordon Family Tree
The Legend of Belle Starr