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I'm an actor and writer based in New York and I love the connection here on WeAudition. Born in San Francisco to German parents with a British nanny, I have an ear for languages and dialects. I'm fluent in English and German and can work with you in either language.

I can help you break down your scene and bring YOU to your tape. We can also talk shop with eyelines, multiple characters, blocking, wardrobe, and hair/makeup. My main work is in drama so feel free to bring the vulnerable scenes and I will be here to make sure you feel safe. But improv is also my jam, so if you have a funny scene we can play with it. And I'm a trained martial artist so if you need to get physical, we can block that too.

If you only need a reader, let's rock and roll. Tips are appreciated, but I know how demanding our industry can be on our time and money. Don't stress about tipping if you don't have the funds right now.

If you need a reader with coaching, here are my suggested tips:
15 min - $5
30 min - $10
60 min - $20

If you don't see me here, feel free to email me at or DM me at @larissamarten. Let's get to work, y'all!

Born in San Francisco to German parents with a British nanny, I now call New York home. Because I grew up with an ear for languages and dialects, mastering different dialects became my thing. British and German are my specialities.

The fact that bad things happen to good people is a status quo I'd like to challenge. And exactly why I am an actor and a writer. I thrive when I tell stories about rebels who go against the grain. Rooney Mara in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Krysten Ritter in JESSICA JONES. Vanessa Kirby in THE CROWN.

Hey, I'm a straight shooter all the way home. I'm a truth sayer. I think people who say it like it is provide for the most interesting stories. I'm here to tell those stories.

BFA Acting, University of Michigan. Proud member of the Dramatists Guild and Actor’s Equity Association. Fluent in German. Proficient in most dialects.

Eddie Rabon - Take 3 Talent -

29 Reader Reviews

" Larissa is a great read not just that a great coach. I've hired many readers on here and Larissa is one of the few I can say, has a gift for coaching actors. I strongly recommend her. "
" Wonderful, wonderful reader!!! "
" I asked for feedback and received wonderful notes that fine-tuned my performance. Highly recommended. "
" Larissa was great. Dove right in and had great thoughts on the character. I look forward to working with her again! "
" Easy to work with, very natural reading skills. Hopefully will work on something meatier in the future together! "
" REALLY KNOWS HERE STUFF!!! Highly recommend/ "
" One of my favorite readers so far! Will definitely use again! "
" Excellent! Knows her stuff. "
" Lovely interaction. Solid actor! "
" Top Notch reader! Larissa is great at scene study. Gave very helpful notes that really made my audition better. 10/10 would definitely recommend! "
" Not just an awesome reader, Larissa has wonderful insight as well. "
" Good reader very helpful pointers "
" Really fun time! Great reader. "
" Amazing Reader, great notes and super helpful! Thanks so much Larissa! "
" Awesome as always. Gave mea whole hour of her time! And her feedback is on point "
" Really great feedback! She knows her stuff. "
" Great "
" So helpful and patient! Larissa is a joy to work with. "
" She is a real pro ,integral in her work and fantastic must work with her! "
" Great reader. Helped a lot with specific feedback that I needed. Would highly recommend and would work with again! "
" Fabulous reader! Larissa was really lovely to work with and gave me some really useful tips! Really helpful :) Thank you so much! Looking forward to working with Larissa again in the future! x "
" Sooo awesome!!! Definitely earnest, helpful and REAL!!! "
" So so amazing ! Always my go to if she's on:) "
" Great experience with Larissa! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always so on top of it! Great great reader! Thank you "
" What a gem. So quick at understanding the scene I was working on. Great reader! Book Her! "
" Great notes! Thank you for the advice on not forgetting to omit things :) "

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