Kristina Paras

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Here to make your audition easier. We can run lines or break down scenes to strengthen performance. We can self-tape or practice for class. How can I support you?

Notable Experience:
*10+ years self-taping
*Just premiered a US thriller film in a lead role.
*Acting. & self-tape coach
*Casting assistant
*Screen funding

Accents & Language:
*Standard American
*English RP
*Irish Galway
*Australian (native tongue)
*Italian (beginners)

*Audition & screen technique (NIDA, Les Chantery)
*Cold reading (Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop)
*Australian, Irish, American theatre (NIDA, ACA)
*Shakespeare (NIDA)

CAN - Lauren Levitt & Associates
AUS - Mollison Keightley Management

*I use a professional microphone so you can record high quality sound.
*I am an Australian/Italian/Greek based in Vancouver, Canada and can help with these cultural questions.

If I'm not online feel free to email for a session:

Looking forward to seeing you!

- Kristina

Kristina is a Vancouver-based actress from Sydney, Australia. Screen and theatre trained, Kristina has studied at NIDA (Cate Blanchett), ACA (Hugh Jackman), AMAW LA/SYD (Shailene Woodley).
Self-taping since 2011, Kristina has been a reader at Nikki Barrett (AU) and Judy Lee (CA). She has helped clients book work in film, TV, commercials, and gain acceptance into the highly competitive NIDA BFA acting program. She taught cold-reading classes at WAYS youth organisation (Bondi) and has worked on NYC Comic Con nominated Looking For Heroes.

CAN - Lauren Levitt & Associates AUS - Mollison Keightley Management

93 Reader Reviews

" Kristina is a pro! She's def who you want for your self-tapes! "
" Kristina is AH MAAAZ ING! Lux had a very big audition with a ton of emotions and I was very much out of my element. :). Kristina swooped in- and together with her coaching made an EPIC very real tape. I can't wait to send this one in! Thanks Kristina! "
" Our new go to gal!Thank you so much for all of your help Kristina! Happy Holidays! "
" Awesome read on a tougher scene! "
" Great reader and really helpful! "
" Amazing and sooo supportive. "
" Wonderful Reader! In Tune, Connected and Easy to work with! Highly recommend Kristina "
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" Consistent excellence! "
" Always awesome! "
" Awesome reader! "
" A life saver! "
" And again, awesome! "
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" Excellent! "
" Consistently supportive and ready to play! Always great to work with! Book her! "
" Always the best! Book her! "
" So present, helpful, and supportive. Fantastic reader!! "
" Lovely energy, great reader and really open on working the takes, with helpful notes until we got it right! "
" Thank you for all of your help again!!! "
" Just so fun to work with! "
" Excellent as always! "
" My go-to because she's awesome every time! "
" Kristina was so so so great! She gave great tips and was utterly patient with my 9 year old. We will use her FOREVER! "
" Kristina again for the win! Lol, such great team work when working with her. Always. "
" Such fun working with Kristina! You can see her love for this work, the play in it, and the finding of insights. "
" Always such a great help and so great to work with! Book her! "
" Awww i love her she helped so much! "
" Always totally awesome to work with! Book her! "
" So kind and lovely and a great reader. Gave super helpful notes and suggestions. 100% recommend!! "
" One of my main go-to's to play and have fun doing the work! A WeAudition treasure :) "
" Amazing! Such helpful notes and such a sweetheart. "
" Great reader, great feedback!! "
" Knocks it outa the park every time! "
" 5 Stars always! "
" Kristina creates a safe space for me to work, especially when working with triggering material. Such a needed and appreciated environment to create for a fellow actor. Thank you, Kristina. "
" Love Kristina. best self tape coach there is! "
" Kristina is my go-to audition buddy! Need I say more!? "
" Always amazing working with Kristina! Can't recommend her more! "
" Always lovely working with Kristina! Highly recommend! "
" Kristina was absolutely delightful to work with!! She was very engaging and was very helpful and gave great insight! She's a ROCK STAR!!! "
" Thank you so much for all your help!! You were absolutely amazing!! "
" Kristina is Bomb. best reader I have worked with on this platform. she is now my audition coach and has helped me pull 2 callbacks. "
" Excellent reader! Not too shabby with the wardrobe advice either :D "
" Kristina was fantastic! "
" I believe I enjoy working with Kristina ... or ... I keep, accidentally, getting connected to her ... one of the two :) "
" What a gem! So great to work with. So generous in spirit. HIGHLY recommend !! "
" Always lovely working with Kristina! She is good people, kind, patient and has great insights. Book her! "
" Always lovely working with Kristina! Totally recommend! "
" So wonderful! Gave lots of feedback and coached me through it. Really appreciated this session. "
" Kristina is my consistent go to! Highly recommend! "
" Kristina is truly amazing. We have now worked on 3 auditions and my agency has noted they are my strongest yet. She brings an amazing easy to the session. She is able to help pull emotions and find the correct working beats. I now will be working with Kristina with all my upcoming auditions and refer to her as my audition acting coach. So blessed to have come by her on We App! Thank you! "
" You want to work with Kristina. I'm just saying. "
" Kristina is such a supportive and flexible reader. She's goes the extra mile to help you out. I so appreciate that about her. "
" Awesome "
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" Excellent reader! Pleasant personality and great feedback to help you enhance your performance. "
" Definitely one to work with! She's one of my go to's! "
" Kristina is the BOMB. I came into this audition very nervous with little preparation - she ran the entire scene with me very patiently, gave phenomenal direction and coaching. Absolutely love working with her! I will 100% be running auditions with her in the future. Highly recommend. So far my favorite reader. "
" Kristina is so helpful. Got me around to finding my character in a particularly difficult show. Really great to work with. Book her! "
" Awesome and collaborator! "
" Fantastic!!! "
" Amazing reader and person! "
" So lovely! Gave such a great note when I thought I didn't need it and elevated the scene to another place. Thanks, Kristina. "
" Kristina was great! Very professional, warm, and easy to work with! Highly recommend! "
" Kristina is super sweet and a fantastic reader. I loved working with her! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Kristina is great to work with, professional with an ease that is creates a space to explore. So appreciate that. Book her! "
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" Wonderful reader! Great ideas and suggestions. Love her! "
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" Absolutely wonderful. Truly Grounded me and gave me great suggestions! "
" Great job. very patient and kind "
" A truly incredible reader and coach. So gracious and astute with her notes. By far one of the best on here! "
" Awesome! Thank you for creating with me! "
" Awesome Personality and such a great reader!! "
" Kristina you have such great energy thank you!!!!! "
" Incredibly helpful! Super patient with an incredible eye for detail! She gives great notes and has a great American Accent as well! "
" Great work! "
" So great to work with! Kristina is an amazing reader "
" Kristina WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED very much so! Her brain keeps spinning with ideas on how to make the scene stellar! She was fully available the entire rehearsal! She is a sweet gift to you! Recommend! Excellent experience! 😊 "
" Kristina is lovely to work with. Great energy, present and positive. Book her! "
" So happy to have clicked on Kristina! I had a tech issue and she was awesome about taking a break and jumping back in when I was ready. Top notch reader! "
" Great insight into the script. Thanks for the help and giving your time and expertise. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Big Lies in a Small Town
2019 [added]
Jane Doe
2016 [added]
The Black Swan
2015 [IMDB]
Tinder: Face to Face
2014 [IMDB]
Looking for Heroes
2014 [added]
Plant Love 2
2012 [added]
The Chamber
2010 [added]
On Hard Stone
2010 [added]
TV - Pilot