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I'm a Toronto-based actor who's worked consistently on stage as well as in film and TV for over a decade. My toolkit includes Meisner and Strasberg, improv and mindset training, mindfulness work , as well as nuggets mined from a variety of scene study and on-camera classes with celebrated teachers and directors around the world.

So, let's take a deep breath and go! I'm here to help you work with ease and joy, bringing your full self to the table whether you're just drilling lines, want some audition coaching, help with script analysis, set prep or, of course, you just want a reader for your self-tape! I'm also fluent in English, French and Spanish if that comes up.

We all work differently, so I will take your lead and will only offer notes/advice if asked. What I will however do -unsolicited- is be your champion . When you win, we win, and some recent big wins have been bookings for Marvel, Universal Pictures, BET, Apple TV and CBS!

Really looking forward to diving in with you!

You can schedule a rehearsal or self-tape by emailing me at: or through my Instagram Account @kimvnelson

Kim Nelson is quadrilingual actor (English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole) of Haitian heritage, born in Chile and raised in the USA and Trinidad. Kim is currently based in Toronto, working in theatre and television. Stage credits include: Camilla in The Winter’s Tale (Saint Lawrence Shakespeare Festival), Richard II in Richard II (Secret Shakespeare), Kate in Breathing Corpses (The Coal Mine Theatre), Kate Dillon in Good People (Montreal Centaur Theatre); Georgia Hayes in The Exonerated (Third Eye Ensemble) and Lady in Blue in For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Suicide (NuSpyce Productions). Screen credits include: Christmas Ever After (Lifetime Television), Designated Survivor (CTV/Netflix), Burden of Truth (CBC/CW/Hulu), Orphan Black (BBC America), Detention Adventure (CBC Digital), October Faction (Netflix), and The Art of More (Sony pictures). She can be seen in upcoming episodes of Nurses (NBC)

Fluent in English, French and Spanish (native proficiency in all three), Kim can also do Trinidadian, RP and Estuary accents in English, as well as French-Canadian and Parisian accents in French. In her younger days, she was a competitive fencer (epee), show-jumper and gymnast. Though she's retained her athleticism, yoga and dancing (zouk and salsa) are the new "thing"

Kim loves to play in any good story but if she gets to be a superhero or a Tolkein Elf...? Gah! #girlsgottadream

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364 Reader Reviews

" Kim is LOVELY. So present and insightful, she's a lovely scene partner slash coach, gives great feedback and is just a delight. Book her!! "
" Such an insightful woman! thank you!! felt stretched and inspired. "
" Phenomenal. So warm and friendly, she’ll get the best out of you for sure! Added such depth to my scene "
" Kim was an awesome reader. Let me play and gave great notes!! "
" Offers such great feedback and insight if your open to it! Thank you! "
" Such a pro! Great reader and spot on in the moment coaching "
" Such a joy to work with! I had a blast! Thank you! "
" Provided great feedback. Great to work with. "
" Kim's direction and patience are at the best!! You won't go wrong if you click on her picture!! "
" Kim was able to offer some great suggestions. "
" Always a superb professional experience. "
" Had a tight turnaround and Kim was able to jump RIGHT in and help me get it done! Thank you Kim!!!! "
" Oh my gosh...Kim was AWESOME>>>book with her!!!! "
" Such a great reader with some amazing suggestions as well! "
" Kim is my essential go-to. From auditions to trailer coaching before a shoot! "
" Thank you again!!! "
" Great reader but more importantly a GOD-send to remind me the power that is within. actress/actors remember what is for you will come...don't stress. Thank you KIM!!! "
" Kim is my Hero!!! "
" Honestly, the best! So patient, amazing notes and super positive. "
" Thanks for the help!! "
" The best reader I've found on here. She gives you everything you need in a reader, and offers up amazing notes that help bring the scene to life in nuanced ways. Thx again Kim "
" :-) "
" Super helpful and gave ideas! "
" Love! "
" Wonderful reader, so smart and connected to the work. Great notes and feedback, thanks Kim! "
" Fantastic read, great notes, consummate professional "
" LOVE WORKING WITH KIM! She helped me deepen my work and come from a better place of understanding! love! "
" Such a joy to work with. She's so nice and has great energy! It was my first time and she made me feel very comfortable. "
" Kim was a fantastic reader. Present, perceptive and gave great direction to help with the scene. Thanks, Kim "
" Excellent! "
" I love Kim. She is such a wonderful actor and has fabulous suggestions "
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" Excellent reader! second time I book her and she is always astonishing! "
" Kim was great. Super patient, helpful and allowed me to be at ease. I like work ing with someone thsi professional because it allows me to remember me to remember who I am and what I am here to do. Higjly recommend!!! "
" Kim was excellent! She gave really helpful suggestions that helped me add richness, fun, and texture to the scene! Thank you Kim! "
" Kim is great! "
" There needs to be 10 stars!!!! "
" Excellent reader! thanks so much! "
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" Kim is a great reader. Feels like a perfect collaboration to find the best take. "
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" Never disappoints!! Patience of Job!! "
" Lovely; generous and inventive reader! Very helpful!! "
" Very engaged as a reader, professional, and patient with me as a first time user of this platform! highly recommend. :) "
" Always a pleasure to work with Kim. She's the best!!! "
" I keep on coming to Kimothy because she is the best. Such a giving reader & an awesome actor. She gave me all that I needed & more. Thank you. "
" Kim was the best again! Kind, thoughtful, fun, great scene partner, excellent advice and terrific all the way around. I will definitely work with Kim again if/when she is available. Thanks, Kim! "
" Kim is incredible! Lovely energy and great vibes! We had a fun read together! "
" Super friendly and professional. Great reader and gave great scene notes when I asked!! Thanks Kim!! "
" Kim helped me secure the lines and get three differing scenes for my tape. It's Kim all the way. "
" Love this girl!!! She is my go to for my auditions!! Love her guidance and her awesome ideas and direction. "
" Really great working with Kim, thank you "
" Got me out of my head. thank you "
" Super helpful "
" My go-to. "
" She always gets a 5 star rating in my world!! "
" As always!!! She's the best!!!! "
" 10 out of 5! "
" If words could express how I feel after working with Kim I would write them here: "
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" Kim was so helpful and pleasant to work with! She gave me great advice, and encouraged me to ground the scene. I hope we connect again in the future! "
" So great!! Was ready to meet me where I was with the scene and work with me from there. Could adapt to any suggestions that I had but also gave some great notes for how to improve the scene! Cannot recommend enough!! Thank you so so much! "
" So emotionally ready. Really amazing actress and reader. "
" Very intuitive and honest and kind with suggestions "
" Professional and so solid. We had a short work period, but plan to be back for more. "
" Kim is all shades of fabulous. "
" She seems cool! I messed up and don't understand this system so I was looking to book for a later date but she was super understanding and helped me find a time that worked. Excited to work with her! "
" Kim was FANTASTIC! Helped coach me through my scene, and give me pointers on how to tell the best story possible. She is amazing at what she does, and will be a valuable asset to any and every actor. "
" Kim was great! Thanks so much "
" Superb. Professional "
" Kim is the best!! always has suggestions and ideas of how to deliver a scene. Give her a will not be disappointed!!! "
" Kim was awesome to read with! She was positive and fun and insightful. Thank you for all your help, Ms. Kim! "
" Great as always "
" Great reader. Very patient and accomodating. "
" Kim is fabulous. From her easy going personality to her encouraging, smart and perceptive direction, Kim is an ideal scene partner and coach. I would absolutely ask for her help again and i highly recommend her. Thanks, Kim! "
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" Helpful! "
" My fav!! knows her stuff and is always so helpful! "
" A+ reader!! :) "
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" I love working with Kim, I'm always super happy when she's on. She gives amazing feedback and she is great with script analysis. She will really help your scene pop and she will help you hit all the levels you need in your scene!! Super happy with my final takes. She is also very patient. Thank you so much! "
" She is absolutely amazing. She’s not only a fantastic reader, but she’s also an incredibly talented coach! She helped me so much with choices and directions for the character that I’m auditioning for when I asked for her input. "
" She is wonderful!! She taught me a new memorization technique!!! "
" She is the best "
" Fabulous, smart, intuitive and collaborative. Going to use her again! "
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" Excellent Reader! Easy, quick, and precise. "
" Awesome Awesome Reader! "
" Soooo good thank you kim!!! "
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" Professional, intuitive, kind. "
" Kim is AWESOME!!! Such an incredible reader, so patient, and so giving with her incredible feedback! "
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" Worth.Every.Cent. "
" Such a force and always ready to be present fully as a reader. "
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" So helpful, great reader, and really made me feel comfortable! she also gave amazing feedback! "
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" Phenomenal reader! Very patient and very given. Highly recommended! "
" Kim is fantastic! Really proud of the work we've done together! "
" Kim is an absolute JOY to work with! She is patient, professional, and giving... and her insights into the nuances of the scene were phenomenal. On top of that, her energy was just so pleasant that it immediately put me at ease. She is one of the best readers I've worked with so far. I cannot wait to work with her again! <3 <3 <3 "
" Kim is amazing!!! Can't wait to work with her again. "
" Very experience and very specific. Great analyzer, and very fast too. "
" Always so great! A true gem. Great professional actor and so so kind to boot. A+ "
" Fantastic! Wonderful insights and direction. I gained a lot from this session Big thanks. "
" Kim is SO special as a reader. She has such wonderful training as an actor and is a REALLY great scene partner "
" Kim is a really talented, well-trained actor. She gave me just what I needed! "
" Brilliant, as always "
" BOOK WITH KIM NOWWWWW! So amazing, really takes her time and gives great feedback. My go to reader/coach "
" Thanks again doll! "
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" Kim! is the best! "
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" Excellent cold reader! and very positive person "
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" Great reader! :) "
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" An incredible actress and human being. "
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" So patient! Thank you!! "
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" Reaaally excellent!! amaaaazing reader and great notes and great scene analysis. she got it all! "
" We discovered so much in our work together. It was a great pleasure, Made the journey of discovery eye opening. Book her! She is at the top of my list. "
" Simply the best ! Thank you again A+ as always "
" Amazing!! Super patient and awesome feedback !! "
" Kim, Kim, Kim!!!! Super talented actor and great partner to work with! I learned so much in our session today. Sending you much gratitude and positive vibes :) "
" Great energy and jumps right into play. Also gives great tips on character work and their intentions. "
" Loved working with her! She is committed to her work and talented which makes for a great reader! "
" Great to work with! Provided excellent feedback! "
" Wow such a calming and inviting reader. She put on an accent so quick and delivered amazing. Definitely book her she's amazing!! "
" Kim is the best reader I've ever had. Such thoughtful and insightful notes. It can be really hard to find someone who is able to give good notes and adjustments. Kim read with me in RP as well. "
" Kim is very very talented. I loved working with her "
" Kim is a joy to work with...Great read..perfect suggestions! Thank you Kim! "
" Wonderful reader! Very professional and helps you feel confident in your work by the end of the session :) "
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" Fantastic "
" Kim is the BEST!!!! "
" So good. So Good. "
" Great reader! will work with again. "
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" Kim Elevats! "
" Absolutely Amazing !!!!!!! "
" Fantastic reader and coach! Grounded, specific and full of great ideas!! "
" Super lovely and kind. Loved Kim's positivity and reassurance. "
" Lovely personality and great reader! Loved working with Kim:) "
" She is so patient and giving!! "
" Really great reader. Kim brought great energy and input that will help when I'm ready to tape the audition! "
" Amaaaaaazzzing to work with!!!!! "
" Awesome!!!! "
" Thank you Kim!! "
" Nah, she was AMAZING!!! Such a great reader and even noticed that I wasn't breathing... which sounds crazy, but a girl be forgetting, so THANK YOU!!!! "
" Kim is superb! I love her! She helps you pull out unexpected and beautiful creative moments. I am so thankful to have worked with her and would work with her ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! "
" LOVE KIM! Always so helpful, great energy & dialed in on story! "
" Fun "
" Kim was super helpful! I wanted to practice before a zoom callback and I feel soooo good after working with her. Thank you! "
" Working w/Kim was AMAZING! She's great! "
" Made the whole experience fun resulting in a great self tape! Thanks, Kim!! "
" Great! "
" Kim is a great reader! She helped me run through lines for a scene I'm working on "
" Kim is SO GREAT! I love working with her! "
" Stellar! ✨ A true gem of an actress! Can’t wait to work with her again "
" Kim is EXCELLENT! "
" She's great!! "
" Excellent reader. She actually will act with you. She will give you notes if you ask and you should ask because she's got a great eye "
" Wonderful reader, great notes and a good eye for dialogue. "
" Super fun reader!! "
" A whole COACH and worked so well with my turnaround. If I ever need a black woman again you will be the first on my list !!! Thanks so much for your help !! "
" AMAZING awesome voice so patient "
" Kim is my favorite. Honestly guys, she is such a great cold reader and such a joy to be reading with. A+ "
" She is Great! "
" Kim is amazing! I was so happy when I saw her on! She always gives me exactly what I need for the scene and helps me walk through & strengthen each moment! LOVE working with her! "
" Kim is an absolute PRO. not only was she a great acting partner but she gave me notes that brought out a performance that I felt really, really confident about! "
" Having been Kimothy's reader so many times it was an absolute pleasure to book her as my reader. She is so patient, talented, understands how to elevate a scene & gives great notes. Book Her. "
" Excellent energy, read, feedback ! "
" Very helpful and outgoing! Will definitely book again. "
" Amazing Reader!!! She was So Helpful and Gave such Powerful Advice. "
" Kim, is such a joy to work with!! So patient and kind and a real guide to help navigate what needs to be done in your audition. "
" If Kim is on , you should definitely choose her as your reader. A real Pro with great notes... IF you want them. A+ Merci beaucoup ma belle. "
" Always so worth going with her! "
" She's great! "
" SO SO SOSOSO Lovely this human is. I needed to connect with someone who understood and Kim did. "
" Kim was absolutely fantastic! Super patient and she gave notes that helped pull out my best performance. Thank you! "
" Kim was super helpful with breaking down my scene with me. They asked really insightful questions and helped me get to the emotional depth of the character. Highly recommend! "
" Great reader! "
" SO great!!! And I learned a new technique. Love her!!!❤️ "
" Great text analysis... and thought on the reading "
" The best reader here. Hands down. "
" Love Kim. Wonderful reader. Such a pro. Thank you again "
" This is one of the best readers you have "
" Wonderful "
" So great to work with :) "
" What a wonderful reader "
" Kim rocks!!! So great. A real pro. Thank you my dear. "
" A+++ reader. Super patient, flexible, and supportive. Really loved her feedback as well - easy to work with! :) "
" So fantastic. Great energy and helped me kind ease and comfort. LOVE LOVE LOVE "
" Another super session with Kim! She helped me explore and get more grounded in my character today which gave my performance more depth and colors.. "
" She is an amazing reader. She helped me so much and was very insightful. Thank you! "
" Great reader for auditions! "
" Kim gave an excellent analysis of the work and thoughtful coaching, coupled with her incredible acting made it easy to live in the world of the characters. She worked with me to find choices that were authentic to me but also served the story. This was my first time using the platform and I'm beyond grateful for Kim's patience and generosity. She has several different tools in her toolbox to help you figure out how to approach the work. Thanks for everything Kim! "
" Best reader I have had on here. "
" Kim helped me get out of my head and into the moment. When I log onto weaudition I am relieved when I see her available to read! "
" Kim was amazing! Thank you! "
" Loved Kim's energy and she was so helpful and helped me tighten my work! Thank you Kim! "
" Kim was a really supportive and helpful reader. Thank you soo much for your patience and grace and for helping me get out of my head! "
" Kim was amazing! This was my first time using the weaudition platform and I couldn't have been more grateful to have Kim to work with for my first go. She was a great reader, gave me a lot to work off of, was respectful of my process and offered incredible feedback. She was incredibly easy going too, which allowed for the process to be stress free! I'll absolutely work with her again - and recommend her to others! "
" Last Stop. Kim Nelson! She is the smartest and the most present for sure. If you want the best chance to book Kim is your person! "
" Kim is the absolute best. So incredibly patient, has amazing ideas, is a fabulous reader, and just a wonderful person all around. Can't wait to read with her again! "
" Very patient and takes the time to make sure you got the self-tape you wanted. "
" Kim had great ideas and was so supportive. "
" Shes wonderful to work with!!! "
" Kim is a fantastic actress and a wonderful reading partner. "
" Takes direction really well, and gives great feedback! "
" Superb reader! "
" She is the best and has a MEGA WATT smile :) "
" Kim was so amazing and very helpful in giving me different ways to approach the scene. Definitely book her! "
" Professional read, warm, great energy, good notes, I highly recommend working with Kim 😁 "
" Kim was super friendly and gave thoughtful, honest feedback. I would strongly recommend! "
" Very Very Helpful reader. We spoke about the script. Broke down the scene. Thank you ! "
" Kim is amazing. She's very patient and she is an excellent reader. I completely believed her character and she's such a generous actress. I would definitely have her as my reader again. Thank you so much. "
" We had fun! Definitely recommend "
" Kim was amazing. She was down to play outside of the box and off the page. Thank you Kim you're great! "
" Kim is awesome. Super fun and down to earth. Loved working with her. Easy. "
" Kim is THE BEST! "
" Kim was fun, efficient and let me be comfortable! She didn't rush me or give me any unsolicited advice. Highly recommend! "
" Awesome Reader "
" Kim is to be applauded for her expertise in reading and coaching until you feel good about your audition. Very pleasant personality!! a joy to work with!!! "
" Always amazing!!! Super helpful! Work with Kim if you can!!! "
" Kim was a present and generous reader. She was open to work any part of the scene and gave honest feedback. "
" So lovely reading with Kim. Really nice reassuring energy! "
" Kim is an excellent reader! You are lucky if you get the chance to work with her! "
" Thank you for helping me practice Meisner repetition last minute! "
" I loved reading with Kim she is so kind and helped me disect things I didn't see. Thank you! "
" Awesome reader. Thank you! "
" So friendly, easygoing, and fun suggestions! Thank you!!! "
" Super pleased to have connected with Kim. Thank you for your experience! "
" Great job breaking down scene. "
" Excellent reader. Drops right in and gives you a lot of internal reactions. "
" Excellent reader with her own ideas to the scene. Greatly enhanced what I had thought was the scene. Highly recommended "
" Kim is brilliant. She gave me so much to play with by being so giving and generous, she lifted my self test to levels I'm excited to send to casting. Thank you, Kim! "
" Excellent "
" Fantastic reader that is able to give really constructive feedback to aid in the performance. "
" Amazing reader with great suggestions! Really knows how to break down the script! "
" Literally one of the best readers I've ever worked with. Super helpful and knowledgeable! If you can work with her, do it! I will definitely work with her again! "
" I always look for Kim when I need a reader. She has positive energy and her experience as an actor shines through. "
" Good things happen when you meet talented actresses. Salute. DC "
" AMAZING READER!!!!! gave me excellent notes! "
" Had a great time with Kim- I really appreciated her coaching and input. "
" Excellent reader. Patient and flexible. "
" Excellent reader. Gave great coaching "
" SUPER!! Lots of fun and some great suggestions Thanks Kim! "
" Super helpful. she knows her stuff. "
" Another powerful session with Kim! "
" My favorite! "
" OMG I found my reader soulmate! You can tell this girl is an artist and a giving actor! So patient and encouraging. Thank you for being so awesome my Haitian seester! "
" Flexible reader and great at cold reads! "
" Really enjoyed my session with Kim. She knows her stuff and helped me find nuances in the scene that helped my performance "
" The Best!! Hands down!! "
" She is amazing great actress and Great Reader "
" Kim is very patient and helpful. I loved the notes she gave me to help me making different choices in my audition. Thanks Kim! "
" Kim was an amazing reader, not only was she dropped in and connected- she was also patient with my process and I never for a second felt self conscious with the laidback energy she exuded. I highly recommend! "
" This was my first experience with weaudition. Kim was a fantastic reader and had really great energy. She made the whole audition easy and fun. "
" Very lovely "
" Amazing! Thank you for your feedback and your patience and allowing me to do as many takes! Will definitely work with Kim again. "
" OH, A pure delight!! So so so happy to have connected with Kim. "
" Kim is patient, flexible and helpful. She helped me successfully submit my 1st self tape on WeAudition!! "

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Designated Survivor
TV Series
2019 [IMDB]
Hudson & Rex
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
In Contempt
TV Series
2018 [IMDB]
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
The Bold Type
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
Blank Paige
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
Orphan Black
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
TV Movie
2016 [IMDB]
The Gas Station
2015 [IMDB]
The Art of More
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
Sex & Ethnicity
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA
2013 [IMDB]
2012 [IMDB]
2012 [IMDB]
2011 [IMDB]
Making the Band
The House on Carter Road