Kimberly Berry

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I am an actress based in Los Angeles, California, and I'm excited to help fellow actors ace their auditions! I have a BA in acting from Texas A&M University, and I continue to keep my chops up by taking classes locally from top teachers such as Graham Shiels, and Caryn West. I'm happy to share tips based on my education and experience as we work your audition, or just be the reader you need in a crunch.

Either way, let's work together and break a leg!

Kimberly Berry is an actress based in Los Angeles, CA.
Acting since the age of 7, Kimberly went on to study acting at Texas A&M University, before traveling to the West Coast in pursuit of the dream. Kimberly was a member of the military-centered ROTC program, the Corps of Cadets, while attending Texas A&M University, becoming the first black female to serve as the Major Unit Commander of Second Wing. She brings this same discipline and tenacity to her acting work, as a commanding leading-lady, with class and sincerity.

" So sweet and patient. Understood the material and delivered a great read . Thank you Kimberly! "
" Kimberly was so so sweet, patient and encouraging. A great reader and actor to play lines off of, very intuitive and picked up the gist of the script instantly. Thanks so much! :) "
" Kimberly is amazing, a great reader! So encouraging and helpful - I loved working with her, defo recommend!! "
" Kim is so pleasant and patient! A great reader! "
" Really patient!, talented and kind. Helped me a lot! "
" Incredible actor! Very present and wonderful reader! Made my job easy :) thank you Kimberly! "

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