Kiki Mariot

Kiki Mariot is a bilingual actress based in Orlando, FL. She began acting training with various studios in 2021, and has booked Lead & Supporting roles with the San Francisco Film School and Full Sail University. Her training includes Margie Haber Acting Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, the Houde School of Acting, Book From Tape Studios, Drama Inc, and more.

Kiki Mariot is a Latinx, bilingual actress & voice talent from Miami. Her training includes Margie Haber Acting Studio, Book From Tape Studios, Upright Citizens Brigade, Drama Inc, the Houde School of Acting, and more.

She has performed in several short films, been featured commercially for Full Sail University & has worked with voice over clients including Pfizer, the University of Michigan, & BASF.

Outside of acting, Kiki loves hiking, gaming, travel, practicing piano, pulling tarot cards & running her Etsy shop. She is passionate about sustainability, climate action, social justice, & immigration reform.

" Great reader, thank you Kiki! "

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