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Chicago born, Army raised, Dallas-based resident and global citizen!
Ready and available MOST hours of the day. Patient, engaging and energetic. Let's get it!

Extensive medical background, NO, I'm not a doctor, but I played one during deployment! :-)

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Born and raised in Chicago, Kevin served in the Army for over 22 years as a combat medic, orthopedic technician and medical advisor. After retiring from the military, he finally explored his true passion, acting. He has studied with Glenn Morshower, Theresa Bell and Mike Schraeder at the KD Conservatory of Acting and Film.
Some of his credits include producer and actor in the drama Battle Line; Dana’s Story, about human trafficking; and Vindication, a crime drama. He had a dramatic role in the stage play Watchnight, written by former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis, as well as work in radio and primetime television projects.
He is the founder of Creative Minds Media Group, a film production company and creative artist collective in Dallas, Texas. His interests include coaching, mentoring and fitness.

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