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Hi guys!

Need to practice a scene? Or maybe you just want to practice your monologue in front of a stranger? I’m here to be the reader I wish I had every time I’m working a scene/monologue. I love working on scenes and I will work at whatever pacing you need (i.e tv or film or commercial etc.) and will match your energy with each take. My reel only reflects modern tv/film but if you have any classical pieces, I have a theater background and I would love to help you with those as well! Beam me and let’s get to work!

Hi guys!

My name is Keiándra Honeysucker (yes that is my real last name :)) and I am an actor/singer originally from the midwest. I've studied film and theater in both Milwaukee and NY. I am currently checking out the Atlanta market as quarantine has certainly changed things down here a bit. Looking to get more one on one practice via the internet so I can force myself to get used to this format and with strangers as I feel that's a weakness of mine. Only way to get better is to conquer it right? If you're in a similar boat, let's conquer it together :)


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" So she's the bomb! Literally loved reading with Keiándra! "
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" It was lovely working with Keiándra. She did a great job as my reader and she really helped me to get my lines down. I would love to work with her again. "
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" She was lovely and helped me get exactly what I needed. Amazing! "
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" Amazing reader and so patient! "
" Keiándra is awesome! "

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