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I read for FREE, but tips are greatly appreciated!
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Hi there! My name is Katrina Kwan. It's very nice to meet you!

I am a Vancouver-based TV/Film, and voice over actress.
I speak fluent English, and I'm able to read French and Spanish.
Some of my most recent credits include a CW series!

I am very familiar with self-tapes, and I can help you with the technical side of eye lines, lighting, background, etc. to really help make your tapes *pop* for casting.

I can also help you with script analysis, rehearsal, memorization, making strong choices, character background and relationships, audition wardrobe, and even consultation to new actors about their headshots, resume, and demo reels (especially if they're in search of agent representation).

Feel free to request a session with me. You're also more than welcome to check out my social media links, provided below. I look forward to working with you!

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Hey there! I'm a Vancouver-based film, television, commercial, VO, and theatre actress. I'm always looking to learn, collaborate, and inspire!

Leo Management Webstite: leomanagement.ca Phone: 604-505-6700 Agent's Email: candice@leomanagement.ca Location: 901 3rd Street West Suite 380, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P9 Canada

70 Reader Reviews

" AWESOMMEEEE So patient and knowledgeable "
" Lovely, professional and super helpful! It was my very first self-tape on here so I was being a complete tech dork and Katrina guided me through it all on top of being a great reader. Thank you so much! "
" Amazing! Quick to respond, patient and professional. Highly recommend :) "
" Katrina. Is. Awesome!!!! So helpful, totally engaged, super knowledgeable and gives the best advice!!! Highly recommended!!! "
" Katrina was amazing! She is a wonderful reader! "
" So patient and great suggestions! "
" Amazing reader! would highly recommend "
" Incredible. Loved working with Katrina! "
" Great help! Thank you. "
" Amazing "
" Very Helpful! "
" Amazing! Very present and helpful. Thank You! "
" Katrina is a great reader, and she gave me phenomenal advice on my scene! It was a pleasure working with her. "
" Sooo she is AMAZING!!! I want to read with her again and again. "
" Soo flexible! Let me play around a lot. "
" Perfection!! "
" Wonderful!! totally on top of it, super professional! thank you!! "
" Katrina is awesome! Would definitely work with again! "
" I always enjoy working with Katrina. She's kind, patient, giving and creates an easy space to work in. I appreciate the gems I've found working with her. "
" Awesome as always! Second day in a row. Katrina is great. "
" So great! thank you so much for reading w me, great energy :) "
" Always awesome! Love working a character with her :). Great reader! "
" Aboslutely amazing! Helped me see sides to the character that I would have never thought of myself 'You are glory' lol. Million percent recommend :) "
" Katrina was awesome! Helped me prepare a scene I'm working on for a scene study class. "
" Katrina was excellent! So patient and present. Great cold reader. "
" Katrina was so nice and easy to work with and also a really great reader! She was giving and quick to pick up the sides "
" Katrina was great! She is a phenomenal reader, and she gave my really helpful feedback! "
" Great reader with great energy! Love working with Katrina. "
" Always know I'm going to get a good take reading with Katrina :) "
" So lovely and patient. Always helps me get my best performance and will do it as many times as you need without any pressure :D. Always love working with her! "
" Absolutely adore working with Katrina! "
" Always awesome reading with Katrina! So generous with her time and an excellent cold reader :D. Will 100% be reading with her again. 11/10 recommend :D "
" Thanks for your helpful self tape advice Katrina! :) "
" 10/10 amazing reader. Super helpful and encouraging. "
" Wonderful reader, great personality...Thank you! "
" Livesaver!! "
" Really easy to read with her. great tips as well "
" FANTASTIC READER! We had some technical difficulties, but Katrina was super patient and understanding. Thanks so much! "
" Always love working with Katrina! "
" Katrina is the only reader I will ever need! Professional, encouraging, patient, and kind! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all your reader needs. "
" OMG!! She was AMAZING!! Very helpful, super sweet, and a great reader! She took the time to help me figure out a different direction to take the scene. "
" AWESOME!!! "
" Katrina was awesome! Wonderful reader and very nice. "
" 10/10! "
" We had some technical difficulties, but Katrina was super patient and kind. She's officially my go-to reader here on WeAudition! SUPER RECOMMENDED. "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Absolutely extraordinary! Katrina is an incredibly talented reader. She's patient, kind, and so generous in helping bring out the best in my performance. I hope I get to work with her again soon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "
" Katrina is great! Generous and easy to read with "
" Such a lovely, positive energy! down to play :) "
" Very patient and helpful! Amazing reader! "
" Highly recommend Katrina! Excellent reader! "
" Absolutely love working with Katrina, always full of excellent and helpful suggestions :D. "
" Katrina is easy to work with! "
" This girl is the best, so supportive, and her patience is a 10/10!!! "
" Katrina is wonderful!! Great reader -- definitely recommend. Plus we had a few technical difficulties and she was so patient through all of it. "
" Katrina has great energy, is sweet and fun to work with. She's a very accommodating reader. "
" Great reader to work with! I highly recommend Katrina!!! "
" Amazing reader! super nice :) "
" She’s the best, she is patient, she is extremely kind and a wonderful reader in general! "
" So easy and nice to run lines. She understands the scene on the first take. "
" Katrina is so sweet and encouraging! "
" Great reader! "
" Katrina is a great reader. Thank you and nice to meet you:) "
" Katrina was very helpful, supportive and intuitive. Was a pleasure working with her. "
" Awesome! Friendly and quick "
" Super nice and awesome! very helpful "
" Katrina is not only helpful with the rehearsal process but also extremely personable and positive. I would highly recommend working with her. Have Fun! Thank you Katrina! "
" Great! Thank you "

Credits Include

2021 [IMDB]
The Good Doctor
TV Series
2021 [added]
Superman and Lois
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
My Grandma
2020 [added]
Camp 43
2020 [added]
A Man's World
2020 [added]
The Manager
2014 [IMDB]
2012 [added]
Les Misérables
2010 [added]
Love's Labour's Lost