Karan Nijhawan

So you want to increase the probability of you booking your next audition? Maybe you have a self-tape due in the next few days?

Guess what...you need a reliable reader!

That's where I come on.

My name is Karan Nijhawan and I'm an actor based in Toronto, ON, Canada.
I love all things character development, script breakdown, finding the beats, and submitting a killer self-tape. If you are looking for a reliable, and informative reader, let's book a time!

How I can help you:

- breakdown and scene analysis for your audition
- character development
- character relationships
- making choices in transitions (beats)
- self-tape set-ups
- reader for your next audition

Feel free to reach out via IG (@karannl) or email (karannij@gmail.com) to set something up if my beacon is off :)

Karan Nijhawan is an actor based in Toronto, ON, Canada.
His work has been featured in many commercials from Nissan Cars to Walmart, to industrial and workplace videos.

He's new to the business but eager to surround himself with other motivated, hard-working actors.

" Karan was so easy to work with! Patient with my crazy wifi and such a nice guy. Thank you! "