Kanta Seta

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Hello fellow Actors,

I am getting my foot into the door as an actor. I’m enjoying the process of growing and learning. And desire to help others along the way on their journey. Each one teaches one. We all had to start somewhere.

So…I always wanted to be an actor as a little girl but as life had it, it wouldn’t be until later in my life that I could turn this dream into action. It’s never too late to start anything . I’m super EXCITED to finally be on this journey.

I am open minded, calculated risk taker, judge free zone, free spirited, dream doer, I love great energy, I enjoy tacos, the arts, live music, talkative (lol) , feeding the homeless, reading, traveling, hanging with good energy people, I don’t take myself too seriously (only when necessary), I’m from Wilmington, DE but love my second hometown of ATL.

I would love to be your reader and give you the right amount of spice needed for your next project. I will read the scenes with you as many times as you like. I can be used for self taping or simply practice. I'm down to “ give you the best that I’ve got”. *in the words of Anita Baker* :)

Feel free to reach out to me, I am always down to support others however I can. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you soon. Let’s win together!!!

~ Success is for those with the courage to believe and the will to finish. ~unknown

KANTA SETA'S winning smile is magnetic - it never fails to draw attention. This Atlanta, GA-based actor/activist engages with the world on multiple levels, bringing her unique energy to every endeavor.

While residing in Atlanta, Kanta has booked a considerable amount of work, including a full-length Sonic Care infomercial. She has worked extensively with Jerome Dorn (freelance celebrity photojournalist) and his organization, In Da House Media, where she has covered current events, politics, and red-carpet events. She has interviewed professional athletes, community leaders, and celebrities, including Shemar Moore, Toya Johnson, Bill Bellamy, R&B sensation Avery Sunshine and more. She served as the talent escort at both the BET Hip Hop Awards and Steve Harvey's annual Neighborhood Awards, and she was a popular contestant on a reality TV game show that aired on the CW.

A Certified Life Coach with a Master's in Social Work, Kanta has a broad grasp of the human condition. Her personal work with women across the social strata, from the victimized to the highly successful, has led to a deep understanding that transforms her acting work. Although she is free-spirited and fun-loving, Kanta easily embodies the traits of a successful businesswoman, coach, teacher, and analyst - all roles that she has fulfilled in her personal life. To expand her range, Kanta studies consistently with a wide range of acting teachers and coaches.

A compassionate humanitarian, Kanta is the founder of the We Love All Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on feeding the homeless. She delivers a hot meal and a kind word with the same sparkle that she brings to her acting roles. Among her diversity of talents: she is an enthusiastic photographer, a recreational nail stylist with salon-level skills, and an avid reader. Industry role models include Kevin Hart for his impeccable timing, Issa Rae for her female empowerment and Viola Davis, for her deeply evocative characters. With her high energy and bold wit, Kanta moves through life in accordance with her personal motto: She believed she could, so she did.

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