Juliana Galofre

Reads for free & accepts tips

Hello! I'm Juliana. Pronounced WHO-LEE-ANNA :)

I'm Bilingual and happy to assist in both Spanish and English.

-reader for self-tapes
-run lines, rehearse scenes

-creating a full life on-camera or stage by establishing specificity and strong choices

-technical (frame, lighting, sound, background)

-What is is really like? (actors access vs Backstage, casting workshops, agents and managers, reels, classes, commercials. etc.)? I'm happy to walk you through it.

I am a fulltime, professional working actor based in Los Angeles, CA.

I've trained under Larry Moss, Joe Palese, Marjorie Ballentine, and I'm currently studying at John Rosenfeld Studios.

I love working with actors. While the pandemic has changed the industry. It's important to work together and use each other as a resource. Be well:)

Bilingual (Spanish & English)
Raised in Miami, FL.
Currently living in Los Angeles and loving it. Pursuing acting as a full time career and living part time in the ocean, free diving, spear fishing, and ocean swimmer.


12 Reader Reviews

" HUGE help! Great reader, great feedback and ideas, and quick to catch onto the vibe of the scene. I was super lucky to find Juliana on here- 5 stars! "
" Fantastic reader with great character insights to make the scene go further. "
" Juliana is excellent! She helped me find different levels and takes for my Spanish audition. Truly invested in helping you shine. Highly recommend! "
" So kind and helpful—great instincts "
" So appreciate Juliana's patience, support and perspective. "
" Terrific reader! Great suggestions! "
" Such a sweet soul and a pleasure to work with :) "
" Incredibly helpful and patient throughout my process of learning Spanish phonetically for a role! "
" Juliana was so sweet! She was so helpful and really took the time going over the scene with me. She was super patient and made me feel super relaxed and comfortable! A great reader to work with!! "
" Awesome person! "
" Juliana was super nice and had great notes! "
" Julianna is great. Very talented and helpful. Thank you so much "