Julia Mack

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An active reader in many rooms, including my own, I am in consistent classes with MN Acting Studio, an active reader for One on One in NYC, coaching with Anna Suzuki (New Amsterdam, Little America), and reading show scripts regularly. As a writer and performer, I understand and adapt to nuances quickly, making myself malleable to your experience, aiming to give you your best read for every take.

I'm a multi-hyphenate millennial with 10+ years of improv and sketch comedy, training and performing at theaters both in LA and NYC (iO, Second City, UCB, PIT). Currently a studio member at MN Acting Studios of New York, I also read for workshops at One on One, write and film sketches with friends, play with my dog Tango, and often contemplate the meaning of my existence.
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2021 [IMDB]
Legend of Fall Creek