Jonathan Dziok

An experienced reader, I can help you through multiple interpretations, coaching, and provide the patience needed to help you get the audition completed to land you the next role!

I come from a career in aviation, instructional system design, and management consulting - My world is about forming solid messaging, developing an effective communications plan, and performing content delivery to audiences of all types.

I am well-spoken, well-read, and intellectually curious.

I am an expert linguist able to parse characters, emotions, and pacing all within a single script, making for a dynamic and engaging experience.

Most of all, I am patient and willing to work with you until you can find your best self represented.

In my voice acting career, I aim to narrate a nature documentary, a book (or collection of short stories), and provide voice(s) for television/film/videogames.

Help me help you and let's succeed together!

Hailing from New England, I've got a variety of voices, dialects, and impressions suited for any media production.

I'm a pilot and educator with a predilection for good food, natural wonder, and human experiences.

I am a philanthropist at heart and looking to use my skills to empower those around me.

My skills also extend to curriculum development and instructional system design, teaching and training, business strategy development, enterprise IT and government systems, and contract analysis.

I also manage promotions and program management for several small businesses across the US.

I am currently sourcing representation. Please DM for inquiries.