Jonas Gudmand

I've helped a bunch of actors lately with their scenes.

I'm a professional actor who graduated with a BA. from East 15 Acting School (first class), London.

I'm originally from Denmark and I'm fluent in English and Danish. I've been living in London for the last 4 years.

I have tons of experience as a reader. I can help you to prepare sides for self-tapes, auditions or class. I'll read as many times as you need and give you feedback if you want. I'm also an experienced improv actor.

Give me a shout.

Hi there

I'm a BA. graduate 2020 from East 15 Acting School. I’m originally from Denmark and I’ve been in London the last four years.

Here's my showreel:

and here is my Spotlight profile:

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards
Jonas Gudmand

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Loud Voices, Silent Streets
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