Jewel Hargrove

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I train at the Storyteller's Conservatory in self-tape, drama, comedy, and commercial techniques, and finding specific choices and thoughts for our characters. I'm eager to lend those skills to fellow actors who need readers!

I'm here to simply read, listen, and let you rehearse! If you want my impressions, advice, or suggestions on other options/motivations/jokes to try, just let me know. I won't offer input unless you ask because I know everyone has their own process and flow.

Looking forward to working with you!

Jewel is an American-born actor co-starring in Habata featuring New Girl’s Jake Johnson. Jewel specializes in both the comedic and intense, and her essence has been described as empathetic, earthy, athletic and fierce. She is skilled in connecting to the truth in each character, having trained with some of Hollywood’s top coaches John Kirby and Shaan Sharma. She keeps her instrument primed by consistent practice and process, and invests in the wellbeing of her actor community by volunteering with the Los Angeles actor’s union.


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" Kind and really helpful! "
" Jewel is such a patient and wonderful reader, I wont hesitate to tape with Jewel again. "
" Jewel's great. Recommend! "
" Jewel is amazing loved working with her, such a good reader and with really good pointers to make my scene better!! Recommend! "
" Jewel was amazing. Really helped me dive into a scene. "
" Solid "
" Jewel rocks. I love working with her. "
" Jewel is a gem! Awesome commercial improver and attitude :) Highly recommend her! "
" Jewel really came through! I had some technical issues, and she was super patient, plus she was very open to trying different choices with each take. Thank you! "
" Very helpful reader :) "
" Jewel was absolutely amazing!! She was really, really helpful for my self tape and she was so dedicated to making sure the taping went well. I would absolutely recommend working with Jewel!! "
" Great reader! Highly recommend. "
" Jewel is an amazing reader, high energy and a great listener. Felt extremely comfortable with her! "
" Great help!! "
" Jewel was great and patient with me and my technical issues. She gave me a great read to work of and made the scene come to life. Awesome reader. Thank you so much :) "
" Jewel is great! She gave me some great advice on how to further personalize the script and make the lines even more specific and distinct. "
" Jewel was so helpful! This was my first time using WeAudition to rehearse, and she answered all my questions and gave me some great tips. I would definitely work with her again. "
" Really wonderful work!~ Thank you! "
" Amazing reader, jumped right in and was great to work with! Thanks so much Jewel!! "
" Jewel was great! Great energy "
" Great reader. Super patient and supportive!! Thank you! "
" Jewel was super helpful and patient! "
" Great reader, was patient with my internet issues, and helped me with my scenes :) "
" Fantastic! So easy to work with, thank you! "
" Jewel is a great reader! "
" Jewel was fast and lovely to work with. "
" Thanks Jewel for your flexibility and thoughtful read! "

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