Jess Rubin Lewis

I haven't read to anyone yet. I can read

My name is Jess Rubin, I am 20 and British
I am a part of LGBTQ+ community and adopted
I have had some minor roles in my primary school plays. I did drama in secondary school. I was in my village panto 2 years ago
I have a some of experience. I am willing to learn.
I can be creative. I have a good understand emotions.
I am good with animal like horses, dogs and hamsters.
I also write my own songs and do a tiny bit of singing
I could be great at acting, if you give me the chance to prove myself to you.

I need an agent/rep Email is and phone number is 07917548234 Live in wantage Oxfordshire If ou need my home address message me.

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Credits Include

2021 [added]
No credit
So-shy in aladdin Panto Main
2012 [added]
No credit
Primary school Mouse in Robin Hood play
2011 [added]
No credit
Primary school One of the 3 kings in the Nitivity play
2010 [added]
No credit
Primary school A house keeper in the Nitivity play