Jessica Lundholm

Here to be your reader! I trained at Mountview (MA Acting with Distinction), Identity School of Acting and the National Youth Theatre. I also work in a well regarded boutique agency in the West End as an assistant, so I'm happy to give any advice about your Spotlight profile, or your seeking rep email. I've helped many a friend reading in for their tapes and also clients at work.
I'm also here to be your partner if you want to do a bit of improv around your scene, exercises, you name it I'm game!
*Accent* I can help you with your RP/neutral southern English accent! My natural accent is Neutral Standard English with both RP and London elements.
If I'm not online and you'd like to book, shoot me a DM on instagram (@jessielundholm) or on email (
Jess x

Jessica is recent Mountview graduate (MA Acting with Distinction), and member of the National Youth Theatre, based in London.

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Queen Margaret
Stage - Mountv Suffolk
2020 [added]
The Thrill of Love
Stage - Mountv Vickie Martin
2020 [added]
Stage - Mountv Phoebe
2017 [added]
Stage - Nottin Stevie Nicks
2017 [added]
The Nether
Stage - Nottin Detective Morris
2016 [added]
Stage - Nottin Alice
2015 [added]
Women of Troy
Stage - Nottin Andromache
2014 [added]
Dr Faustus
Stage - Nottin Helen of Troy/Chorus
2014 [added]
The Infant
Stage - Nottin Samedi
2013 [added]
Stage - Nottin Elizabeth Lavenza