Jessica Lundholm

Hi there!
I'm a recent drama school grad (Mountview MA Acting) this (cursed) year. I also did a year at Identity drama (IDSA). I'm currently seeking work so I have plenty of time, patience and enthusiasm to read with you! Happy to answer any questions on Mountview, IDSA, living in London, or the UK industry (having worked for an assistant for a well-regarded agent in London before drama school). I'm also here to be your partner if you want to do a bit of improv around your scene, exercises, you name it I'm game! I'm a confident sight reader.
*Accent* I can help you with your RP/neutral southern English accent! My natural accent is Neutral Standard English with both RP and London elements.
If I'm not online and you'd like to book, shoot me a DM on instagram (@jessielundholm) or on email (
Jess x

Jessica is recent Mountview graduate (Acting), and member of the National Youth Theatre, based in London. Her skills include Grade 6 Guitar and fluent Spanish.

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Credits Include

2020 [added]
Queen Margaret
Stage - Mountv Suffolk
2020 [added]
The Thrill of Love
Stage - Mountv Vickie Martin
2020 [added]
Stage - Mountv Phoebe
2017 [added]
Stage - Nottin Stevie Nicks
2017 [added]
The Nether
Stage - Nottin Detective Morris
2016 [added]
Stage - Nottin Alice
2015 [added]
Women of Troy
Stage - Nottin Andromache
2014 [added]
Dr Faustus
Stage - Nottin Helen of Troy/Chorus
2014 [added]
The Infant
Stage - Nottin Samedi
2013 [added]
Stage - Nottin Elizabeth Lavenza