Jennifer Ruth

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Hello! I'm an actor who has been "on the other side" of the casting table on indie films in NYC, and I feel like being a good reader is an art and service in itself. I aspire to bring openness, honesty, and care to your audition or sides prep, or if you just want to chat process, script breakdown, or audition survival tips I am here for you :)

Hi! I'm Jennifer, originally a small-town girl who has since lived in 5 different states and 3 different time zones. Currently I go between NYC and NE Ohio, focusing on booking work in character-driven dramedies on stage and in film/tv. I'm also a writer/director (check out my debut short "Lydia Rising", cat mom, lover of vegan mac 'n cheese, holistic health coach, and otherwise can be found daydreaming of my next travel adventure.

Stay in touch at :) 917-327-8162
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2018 [IMDB]
Lydia Rising
2009 [IMDB]
2008 [IMDB]
Materially Inclined
2006 [IMDB]
Bloody Mary