Crystal Jordan

Hi there, I'm Crystal!

I am always excited and grateful for the opportunity to read scripts with my fellow actors here. It's a great experience to interact with you and your talents!

I will give you all of my attention and am happy to read through the script as many times as you need to land the part or prep for an upcoming class.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Hello! I'm Crystal Jordan!

I am a professional actor residing in the West and am always excited and grateful for my next opportunity to travel, work, and create in the world of film.

I have a history of entrepreneurship having owned and run several successful businesses, thus know what it means to work, persevere, and collaborate.

My experience includes acting for film providing me comfort in front of the camera and with crew, audiobook voiceover giving me control over my voice, and modeling allowing me consciousness over my body and its language.

I have studied acting with several working actors and producers.
I enjoy improv, have a natural ear for dialects, and love to sing.
I have two amazing children and the best husband a gal could ask for. I enjoy the challenge of making "naughty" dishes healthy,
​a good Netflix documentary or series makes any day better, and adore animals of all shapes and sizes.

41 Reader Reviews

" Crystal was super easy going, gave great feedback and helped me prepare for a workshop. "
" Thank you for the quick run-through! "
" Katie is very kind and easy to work with. She picked up what the sides were all about right away! Thanks Katie! "
" Very easy-going and relaxed and helpful. Thanks so much for your help. "
" Amazing work "
" Jasmine was great and fun to work with! :) "
" Jasmine was super helpful and generous with her time. I didn't feel rushed at all and could really sink into the work:) "
" Fantastic!! "
" Great reader :) Thank you. "
" Great working with people like Jasmine. "
" Jasmine was great! Very good reader and lovely insights about the scene! Definitely recommend her! "
" Such a beautiful Lady and a very good reader! She is very supportive, I love her voice! "
" Jasmine is very helpful and patient. Allowed me space to do my process. "
" Very sweet and patient. A lovely reader :) "
" Love this girl! If you need a great comedic reader with fast pacing then Jasmine is your girl! Thank you so much:) "
" Very friendly and nice, great reader "
" Great reader and energy. "
" Jasmine Rocks! Great reader! Thank you so much for the fast pace comedy rehearsal:) "
" Jasmine was great! Exactly what I needed! "
" Super sweet and helpful! Book her!! "
" Jasmine is a great reader! please book her! "
" Very professional! Pleasant, too! "
" Jasmine was very professional and helpful! "
" Great "
" Super great! "
" Jasmine was such a kind reader! it was an amazing experience rehearsing with her "
" Jasmine was a great reader! "
" She was awesome! "
" Amazing reader & great feedback & motivation! Thank you Jasmine <3 "
" So nice. "
" Jasmine is an amazing reader! "
" So lovely and sweet! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader, very helpful :) "
" What a sweetheart! A great coach AND talented! "
" Jasmine, was very helpful and patient. She helped me gain more perspective on the scene I was working. "
" Very helpful! Even extended our time. "
" Wonderful reader! Patient, encouraging! Highly recommend. "
" So wonderful! picked up the script so quickly and so sweet! "
" She is a great reader, very helpful and patient. "

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