Jamie Uhtof

upto 15 mins : $ 4.00
upto 30 mins : $ 8.00
upto 60 mins : $ 18.00

My acting coach, Howard Fine, has described me as empathetic and kind. I am an intuitive soul who loves being a reader for others because I can see between the lines easily and I can help others find the authentic connection with the material.

I am grounded, calm, funny, helpful, friendly, and have been a teacher for over 20 years...so if you need to understand the Pythagorean Theorem after our session...I'm a math tutor as well ;) Just kidding...I recently quit my teaching career to pursue acting full time...so let's do this!

I am available to read for auditions, rehearse lines, discuss scripts, find your character's objectives, and dive deeper into the script.

If I'm not currently online you can email me to schedule a session!

Paypal is okay but Venmo is preferred :)
Venmo @Jamie-Uhtof.....code (3351)

I have been a stage actor since 2010 and have played everything from the loving mother (Miracle Worker/Christmas Story/Bright Star) to the larger than life character (Drowsy Chaperone, Schwartzy from Putnam Bee, Inga (Young Frankenstein) and many many more! I have trained with Howard Fine for the last few years to transition to film and stage manage for him online. I have taken Second City Improv and Groundlings classes as well.

I was a junior math teacher for over 20 years and acted on stage as a full time hobby (back to back plays all the time), but acting has become too important....so I quit my teaching career, sold my house in the country, and my husband and I moved down to LA! I am a go-getter who believes in listening to the signs of the universe, following your passion, and always learning to be better every day! Huzzah!

mrs.uhtof@hotmail.com Seeking representation

25 Reader Reviews

" So passionate with great energy!! "
" So supportive; great notes; kind corrections. "
" Yes! Great attention and notes. "
" Thanks so much Jamie for all of your help, you helped me live in the scene. "
" Amazing reader with awesome energy! "
" Helped with beats and emotional content. Great energy. Very positive. "
" Perfect reader! Talented and suportive "
" Fantastic "
" Great help! "
" Great reader! Very relaxed to work with. Brought the right energy to the other characters and helped me with my ideas:) "
" Great reader! Awesome energy! "
" Jamie was the perfect scene partner! And she threw on a flawless southern accent to boot! :) "
" Great notes; great energy...lots of patience and enthusiasm "
" Very very patient and helpful. Book her "
" Very helpful notes and energy. "
" Amazing! Great energy and a great reader! A pro! "
" Very helpful, great reader. "
" What a friendly and helpful reader! Such good energy, never felt rushed and felt fully supported! "
" Truly a GEM!!! "
" So sweet and helpful! amazing reader :-) "
" Super awesome reader !! very insightful and friendly :) "
" Awesome reader thanks so much! "
" Jamie was great! Really helped to analyze the scene and run through different ideas! "
" Jamie is friendly and a great scene partner to work with "

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