Jamie Bellevue


Great to meet you! My name is Jamie and I'm based in CT. I have a very distinctive voice full of gravitas but I can also lighten it up on several levels. I look forward to connecting with you.

Break legs!



Mckinsey Executive Osato Dixon
Mckinsey Consultant Osato Dixon
McKinsey Background Osato Dixon
Indeed.com Manager Luke Trevino
The Cromarties Masseuse Justin tucker


The Best of Friends Archer Connaught Three Rivers College
Heat Wave Dancer garde arts center
Breaking Out Dancer Garde arts center


Commercial, print & voiceover work available upon request


Joy of Improv Dana Shulman The PIT New York
On-Camera Rebecca Yarsin New York
VO Master Class Angela Mickey New York
Rebecca Yarsin
Billy Collura
VO (Promo) Marice Tobias Los Angeles/New York
VO (Commercial) David Lyerly New York
VO (Commercial) Dave Walsh Los Angeles
VO (Commercial) Bruce Kronenberg New York
Intro to Improv Michael Burns Garde Institue of Creativity
Vocal Billy Shephard New York
Voiceover Intensive Stuart Dillon New York

Special Skills

Vocalist: Tenor/Bass
Musician: Trumpet/Flute/Native American Drummer
Dancer: Contemporary/Jazz
Athlete: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, Golf, Resistance training
Casino table games dealer (Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat)
Casino table games supervisor (blackjack, roulette and baccarat)
Mma/boxing ring announcer

Buchwald NY David Elliot 212.867.1200

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