Jake Wallack

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Hey there, I'm Jake!

I'm here to help you get your best read done quickly in a virtual space that feels supportive and fun. I always give 100% and come ready to give as much (or as little) as you need; if you want feedback, just someone to run lines, or anything in between I'm your guy. I look forward to helping you!

I recently graduated from Northwestern University and have trained additionally with Atlantic Acting School (NYC) and Second City (Chicago).

Some things we can do during our time together:
- Scene Analysis
- Improv into the scene
- Blocking/staging scenes
- Environment/world building
- Meisner (repetition, activities)
- As Ifs
- Memorization
- Workshop original material
- Talk about our favorite TV shows (currently binging Sex Education)
- And anything else you may want!

Instagram: @jakewallack
Venmo: @jakewallack
Email: Jakedwallack@gmail.com

Hey there! I'm Jake and I'm here to help you get your best read done quickly in a virtual space that feels supportive and fun. I recently graduated from Northwestern University and have trained additionally with Atlantic Acting School. As a reader, I am specifically skilled at helping you build the physical environment so that your best take is one that feels like you're already in the world of the story. I look forward to helping you!

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266 Reader Reviews

" Great feedback "
" Great reader "
" Jake was great!! Great analysis that helped me understand the character much better, thank youu "
" Great! Helped me knock out a scene for class. "
" SOOOOO LOVELY!!!!! Incredible script analysis skills and ideas to fill the scene. "
" Jake was great, and fun to work with! "
" He's FANTABULOUS! Book him....if you know what's good for you. "
" Jake was fantastic! He was not only a great reader, but also gave me some great notes on the scene we did. I would definitely book him again! "
" Jake is amazing! He is such a solid reader and picked up the circumstances of the scene right away. I finished with a new outlook on it and truly gave it his all. "
" Great to work with "
" If you're in a pinch, Jake's your man: Funny, Fast, and talented. Couldn't ask for a better scene partner. "
" A delight! "
" Great reader, very helpful! "
" Dont wait, BOOK JAKE! "
" Love this guy! Great reader. Great energy. Always on! A+ "
" Very Helpful "
" 10/10 "
" Great notes "
" So fun and patient!! "
" Adored him and all of his amazing input. will use again "
" Jumped right in and gave what I needed! "
" He's the best! "
" Jake is very easy to work with. "
" Jake was fantastic! I loved his energy and his voice! And he made a great suggestion that really helped my take "
" Solid job offering new insights and perspectives of the script! "
" Jake was so helpful! Gave amazing notes and suggestions! Can't wait to work with him again! "
" What a gifted actor and what a lovely human!! Thank you Jake <3 "
" Jake helped me think through the scene, try things out, & was very sweet! "
" Jake is hella cool and more than a reader - great insight and feedback, offered up in a super supportive and gracious way. Thank you Jake. :) "
" Great reader - he put a lot of emotion into it and it felt very real "
" Always an awesome reader! "
" Jake, was fabulous and so patient with my technical issues. He was game for any for reading and just playing and gave great notes overall. "
" Great insights!!! 100% recommend "
" Really wonderful!!!! great notes and energy "
" Great reader! "
" Jake is great! Smart actor with good instincts. "
" Jake was AWESOME. He's a great reader and gave me very helpful pointers on my script. He even acted out and showed me different ways I could act out the scene. Thank you Jake! "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Great great notes! jake found a totally different take on the scene that made the it pop with contrast and change that I had not seen. Glad I booked him! Easy to read with a great partner. Book him. "
" Jake is such a fun reader and really talented at breaking audition scenes down. "
" Jake really helped me turn a difficult scene into something that I was proud to turn in! "
" Jake is such a lovely present scene partner! He had fantastic thoughts about the scene and gave me great things to consider as my character. Thank you! "
" Had a great experience with Jake! He was really adept with figuring out a truly weird piece of text and helping me ground myself in given circumstances. Look forward to working with him again. "
" He's so great! "
" Great reader!! "
" THE BEST!!! Highly recommend!! Great coach and great reader. "
" Great reader. Was thoughtful with his feedback and notes. "
" Great reader, helped me dig deeper into the scene analysis, thanks! "
" Again, quick and a great reader :) "
" So sweet and amazing if u want a solid quick reader! "
" SO helpful and a wonderful reader, brought light to the two different characters I needed him for. "
" Great as per usual. Jake makes me a better actor. Book him. "
" Great with improv, and a quick read!! "
" Jake is an excellent reader with fun ideas to make your scene pop! "
" Jake was super helpful and fun to work with! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Jake is amazing! Wonderful reader! "
" Really kind and helpful! "
" I mean honestly what more can I say than work with this person. Jake was so kind and helpful and excited. My agent will be so pleased. "
" Loved working with Jake. So fun! Great advice on cold reads! Will be booking again! "
" So helpful...hilarious...great notes/ideas too! "
" So easy to read with! choose him! "
" Awesome reader and super fun chat! "
" He was absolutely great "
" Super accommodating reader! Thanks so much! "
" A sweetheart. Very kind and truly helpful. Gave me good ideas for contrast or leaning into the character more. Appreciate you! Thank you! "
" Great!! "
" Always love working with Jake "
" Great! Last minute audition, and Jake stepped in perfectly! "
" Amazing so understanding "
" Amazing job!! "
" Great! "
" Jake was so helpful getting my scene layered and nuanced! Thank you for your time and patience! "
" Excellent "
" Wonderful again!!!! "
" Very helpful and dedicated. Thank you! "
" Great reader, great energy!! "
" Thnks "
" Thank you Jake! "
" Reaaaly helpful and great reader "
" So lovely!! great reader and great person "
" WONDERFUL Coach and Reader! GREAT WITH ACCENT WORK AND VERY KNOWLEDGABLE. (I am sorry we got cutoff at the end, I think my internet cut out!) "
" Thank you "
" Jake the great! "
" Asked important questions about the scene I didn't consider myself. Thank you! "
" Great insights! He indeed does what he states. Book him! "
" Struck gold with Jake tonight! Dug into the script with me and really helped me develop my character. So supportive with exuberant midnight energy! Will definitely seek out and book again! "
" Very insightful "
" Jake is a hoot! He helped me run a scene a few times then we had some laughs together. Will work with him again for sure! "
" Fantastic reader and coach. Had some great ideas for a scene with an extremely difficult transition. Thanks! "
" Jake is one of my favorite people to connect with on WeAudition! Great attention to detail, efficient, and fun he makes self-tapes a breeze. BOOK HIM! "
" Excellent and thorough! "
" Lovely "
" Fun reader! Great Job! "
" Jake is awesome! Great scene partner! "
" Thanks for your solid reading skills and your patience, Jake! "
" Great reader! Engaged, encouraging and helpful. Thanks! "
" Great reader! "
" So much fun! "
" LOVE JAKE!!!! Great reader and gave great feedback! "
" Jake is truly uniquely talented, great instincts, very concise ideas that serve the story. Thank you! "
" Great energy! "
" Nice job. "
" Thank you!! "
" Jake is friendly, encouraging, and helpful!! "
" Super helpful reader! Helped me to analyze & find some depth in a scene for a quick self tape. 10/10 "
" The coolest! Loved working with Jake! If you need a reader who is knowledgable and full of energy, def work with Jake! "
" Literally the sweetest and so so so helpful!! He's super funny too! Thank you Jake!! "
" Thanks so much, Jake! "
" Excellent Reader. "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Great reader! "
" Expert at dissecting scenes--no doubt a natural ability, evidenced by his status as former national debate champion. highly recommend! "
" Thank you "
" Jake was so sweet and gave some helpful little pointers along the way. He helped me bring the scene to life! "
" Jake, you're awesome. Thank you for all your insight once again. You have so much to share & I'm so grateful I got to work on this piece with you. "
" Great guy! With great notes and ideas! "
" Jake was a great reader. His suggestions to make the scene better were incredible helpful. "
" The very best!!! I can't recommend him enough! "
" Thank you! So super helpful getting the beats of the scene. "
" Jake was great to work with! "
" Great reader "
" Great, again! "
" Such a good reader and incredibly helpful with tweaking a scene to get it to a solid place. "
" Oh my. Jake, thank you so much for your insight and knowledge. I cannot WAIT to write draft 2 now!!!!! So happy we met & got to work on this. See you another soon!!! "
" Jake has a great vibe and amazing energy. Great reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Very personable. Great reader. "
" He's the absolute best. I've booked several jobs with his wonderful coaching. Truly special! "
" Takes his reading seriously and will help you break down your sides to a science. "
" Really helpful and great reader!! "
" Solid. Great reader. Never let me off the hook and helped me be word perfect. Plus, he's cool/easy to work with. "
" Wonderful reader, great suggestions! "
" Jake was so sweet and so helpful. I had an audition that I was working on up until the deadline -in terms of working on beats/shifts and specificity. He provided his own personal insight, questioned and challenged me, and offered very helpful suggestions. I was super appreciative of the time we spent and will definitely be reaching out to him in the future. Thanks for everything, Jake! "
" Great reader! "
" Great reader, even better advice! Super helpful with script analysis and breaking down what's going on. 10/10 would recommend. "
" Had amazing energy ! He very good reader "
" F***ing LEGEND!!! That is all. Read with him and you'll see. "
" Great guy. Great energy, picks up on subtle directives that may have gone unnoticed. "
" We walked through a really unique script together and came out with several great takes. Highly recommend! "
" Thank you so much! Jake is a night owl with lots of help digging into even a 1 line costar! Call him! "
" The very best, truly! Book him. "
" Jake is a great reader--friendly and gives great input "
" Thank you for the patience and getting there with me! Helped me break down a triple cam comedy and discover some good stuff! "
" Awesome reader with some great suggestions! "
" AGAIN WITH THE AMAZING WORK AND HELP! Jake is totally awesome! Book him for sure! He will NOT disappoint! Thank you Jake! "
" Jake is awesome, provides great script analysis and positive energy! "
" WONDERFUL Reader! Easy, thorough, and truly thoughtful. One of the very best!! "
" What a fantastic session working with Jake, fun, productive and a ridiculously nice fellow :) "
" Super patient and insightful reader! "
" Jake was a great reader! "
" Great feedback, thanks! "
" Had a fun read! "
" Jake is the BEST!!! Was in a funk today and he totally got my back on track with these weird sides. BOOK THEM!!! "
" Amazing. Very patient and insightful "
" Amazing, really took the time to walk through the scene and bring more understanding to my choices "
" Very professional! Friendly and helpful :D "
" Jake is a delight. Extremely thoughtful and specific in his reading and analyzing of scripts. Work with him if you get a chance! "
" Fantastic reader, gives awesome feedback and advice! "
" What a phenomenal actor. So great to work with him. Felt like I had such a intuitive and thoughtful reader who I could bounce ideas off of. Thanks Jake!! "
" SUPER HELPFUL! Has great insight, and feedback! "
" Amazing reader , thank you thank you thank you :) "
" Great Reader! "
" Great Job as always! "
" Great personality! "
" Thank you for your help! "
" Lovely! Easy. Great feedback! "
" Thanks so much Jake for living in the scene with me and for your suggestions! Love your enthusiasm and to play as the other character. Absolutely loved our conversations and I wish the best for you on your actor's journey as well! "
" I love him!!!!!!!!! "
" This guy is great!!! "
" Jake's awesome! Very giving and fun to work with "
" Jake is awesome. Very committed and super friendly and helpful "
" Working with Jake is a joy! He's a fantastic reader and a very sweet human. "
" Jake was so helpful! Patient reader with great suggestions! "
" Jake is easy going and helped me keep take it easy on myself. Thanks Jake!! "
" Very sweet, warm, friendly. Thanks, Jake! "
" What a guy! "
" Great notes! "
" Lovely read! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Jake is great....again! "
" Jake is great! "
" Totally helpful and gave great input! "
" Quick and fun session! Thanks, Jake!! "
" Jake Jake Jake!!! Such a great reader and so great at script analysis ! Book him!!! Thank you again! "
" So pleasant and helpful for my read. Definitely recommend!! "
" Jake was the BEST! Coached me through the entire scene and made me feel at ease the whole time. Definitely book Jake if you can!!! "
" Great!! "
" Great, fun reader! "
" 10/10 "
" I don't have enough words to describe how great of a reader/partner Jake is! Thank you so much for all of your help! You are incredible! "
" Thank you so much for helping me get out of my comfort zone. Very kind and talented person. "
" Oh lovely Jake, you made me feel so comfortable and at ease with your smile! Thank you xx "
" Great reader with great insights!! "
" Amazing!!! Super helpful - was able to jump right into the scene and help me make it my own! "
" Great help on my rehearsal. Thank you Jake! "
" Working with Jake is always a joy. He's the most thoughtful and always jumps in with 150%! We get the BEST takes! Book him. "
" Great feedback and coaching. "
" Jake was absolutely vital for elevating my performance. He was so helpful. I highly recommend him "
" Jake is amazing! Thank you so much :) "
" Wonderful to work with! Great notes and ideas "
" The best! He directs to get your best possible take. emotionally, physically. the whole shebang. couldn't recommend more. "
" Jake thank you so much! your insight was beyond helpful! Youre so fun, hope to read with you again soon. "
" Excellent as always. always. 100 percent "
" Jake is amazing! He gave me so many insights into the lines that I was unsure of how to interpret. He also gave me a lot of cool ideas and thoughts to work on the scene. 100% Recommend working with him again! "
" Awesome!!!! "
" Gave fantastic notes and kept me on track with the character's place in the larger puzzle of the story. Incredibly intelligent and a privilege to work with! "
" So helpful really great notes as he's a filmmaker as well. "
" Jus a light, such a generous reader "
" Wonderful and insiteful helping me mold the best audition possible. "
" Jake is a fabulous reader and actor! He has a great grasp of technique and is willing to really go deep and explore the scene with you. Amazing reader. "
" Jake is a fabulous actor and reader! So in depth and supportive and well informed--a delight to work with! "
" Such a great energy - Jake knows. A lot! "
" Awesome! Asked for an accent guru/coach and Jake knows his know! Thanks for the GREAT assistance! "
" Good Person "
" Great reader - thanks for the input "
" Jake is quite a gem on here. Glad I found you sir. Thank you for helping me get this audition of the ground! "
" Jake is NEXT LEVEL YALL book him! "
" Jake and I had so much fun with my read! He's great :) "
" Jake was amazing and so easy to work with! Thanks for being a rockstar! "
" Great reader very curious and engaged about the work! Thanks Jake! "
" Lovely guy! Thanks for the help! "
" Thanks for your help! "
" Jack was fantastic in helping me dive into the script and helping me see it in a new light. His coaching style is very understanding, patient, and encouraging, and I'd definitely recommend reading with him. "
" Patient and supportive reader! "
" Super nice! thank you "
" Really great reader! Smart and eager to answer questions. Highly recommend! "
" Jake is amazing to work with - akin to working with an acting coach - he is lovely and insightful and encouraging. "
" Awesome reader! "
" Great!!! "
" Super helpful and sweet! "
" Jake was great to work with on my very fast run through "
" He is incredible reader, and genuinely thoughtful coach. I filmed one of my better auditions with him, and it was from a gentle nudge here and there, as well as some serious ideas about what to bring to this role. BOOK HIM!! "
" Jake was an awesome and patient reader helping me work through a truly wacky commercial audition. Fresh ideas and fun vibe - thanks, Jake! "
" Jake was fabulous! Really great understanding of how to break down a scene, and helped me get off book in no time! "
" Wonderful as always! The best! Intelligent and great energy! "
" Jake was really friendly, and had a lot of great ideas to help me add layers to my scene! "
" Good reader with really insightful feedback. "
" Jake was awesome! We took the time we needed to get the scene down, to get it right and to get a few workable takes. It was great working with a reader who took his craft seriously and was able to coach and make suggestions as well as just feed me back the lines. Highly recommend! "
" Wonderful notes! Had so much fun working a crazy scene together "
" Jake was wonderful and amazing!!! Great script analysis!! "
" JAKE WAS AMAZING!!!!!! He really was SUPER helpful, kind, honest and most of all, PATIENT!!! I really appreciated all of his helpful feedback and tips to make my audition great! Definitely would recommend him and I definitely look forward to working with him again! THANK YOU JAKE! "
" Jake did a great job. I had a last-minute audition for a lead role and only had a few hours to prepare. Jake not only read well but also gave me feedback that helped the performance. "
" Jake' the man. Hugely helpful. Thank you "
" Jake is full of great ideas; he is keen to explore the text straight away & ready to talk through ideas & approaches. Thanks for your time & energy. "
" Excellent as always! A gem! Brilliant! "
" Jake is an amazing. Excellent reader. HIGHLY RECOMMEND "
" Lovely and warm! Thanks so much for the support :) "
" Jake was an awesome partner. He was able to dive in and really immersed himself into the scene. Had a great experience and I highly recommend! "
" Jake is such a sweetie, and gave me amazing tips and notes! "
" Fabulous! Would absolutely recommend him "
" Great reader, lots of good notes. Highly recommend "
" Collaborative reader!! thanks so much! "
" Very hands on, lots of solutions!! "
" JAKE!!!! What a gem. Doesn't just simply read, he tries to understand the story and has excellent suggestions on ways to make the scene emotionally dynamic. TWO THUMBS WAY UP! "
" Excellent. The very best. WOW. smart and really helped me learn my lines! "
" Jake is amazing and very supportive. He really has great suggestions to throw to you to play with. I had a ton of fun. He really helped me find the character and use the enviorment to really explore the scene. "
" Jake is a supportive reader! Thanks so much. "
" Had such great ideas about very specific moments! "

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