Indre Endriukaite

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I'm an actress, based in Lithuania, working as a professional for 12 years.

Over 30 credits on stage, lead roles in feature and short films, and some experience in commercials.
I'm great at Stanislavski's method, know how to use Chekhov's techniques, have knowledges about Hagen, Adler, Strasberg actors homework principles.

Despite the experience I have - I never stop learning, gaining and developing my acting skills. Let's grow together!


I’m Indrė–a professional stage and screen actress.

For 12 years I work at the state theater in Lithuania. 6 times I was awarded as the best season actress.

I have credits in TV, Cinema, and Commercials. My latest appearance - a lead role in a short drama, shot in London.

Mostly I represent myself in two types of female roles:
• Lead: a deep and confident look, but with a mysteriously painful past.
• Character: charming, impassioned, and warm personality.

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Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Cult Girls
Prostitute as Indre Talockaite
2015 [added]