Ibanda Ruhumbika

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Hey! I'm a Juilliard-trained actor, writer, and musician based in Los Angeles.

I was a house performer at UCB LA and am great with comedy/improv as well as dramatic works.

Here for you if you need:

- A great cold reader
- Help with script analysis
- Someone to just run lines with
- An energetic read you can respond to...we're staring at spots on our walls y'all, I get it haha

I use my VO mic so the reader audio is always super clear.

More than happy to just be a present reader and let you do your thing or give any notes or adjustments if you would like.

Let's have some fun!

Feel free to shoot me a message on IG or email me if I'm not available and we can set up a time.
iruhumbika@gmail.com IG: @ibanda
Venmo @ibandaR Last 4 : 4036

Hey! I'm a Juilliard trained actor, writer, and musician based in Los Angeles.

I was a house performer at UCB LA and am great with comedy and giving notes on how to make the writing and punchlines in a script really sing!

I geek out on script analysis! I spend a lot of my free time watching shows and studying scenes from both a directorial and a writing standpoint, so always love finding ways to give even the shortest of scenes a compelling arc that's fun to perform.

I'm also well versed in dramatic scenes and very good at any jargon or dialogue heavy scripts.
More than happy to give any notes or adjustments or just be a present reader and let you do your thing!

Let's have some fun!

Feel free to shoot me a message on IG if I'm not available and we can set up a time
IG: @ibanda
Venmo @ibandaR Last 4 : 4036

Mgmt: Untitled Entertainment VO: CESD Commercial: Aqua Talent

414 Reader Reviews

" Always a pleasure working with Ibanda. Great help, great reader! Thanks! "
" THE BEST! Book Ibanda! You won't regret it "
" Grounded and super smart, helpful direction. Strong, clear voice too! Perfect reader. "
" Ibanda was great--offered solid, smart notes when I asked and was super patient and nice. "
" LOVELY human and a fabulous scene partner! Thank you, good sir! "
" One of the best!! "
" Ibanda was great! Straight to it no stress effortless!! Thank you!! "
" Thoughtful and gracious! thank you! "
" He was awesome! "
" Absolute genius at script analysis. Great notes and an amazing reader. He certainly elevated my performance.Will definitely use him again! "
" Wonderful to work with!! Thanks Ibanda!! "
" Ibanda has a wonderful presence. A great reader. Has some good simple feedback to offer. I would work with him again. "
" A solid scene partner! Very easy going and provides a comfortable space to work. "
" Would give 10 stars for Ibanda if I could! He has this wonderful ability to key right in to the thing that will elevate the scene and share the feedback (when asked) in a kind and actionable way. Thank you! "
" Actually incredible. Patient, great notes and feedback, nailed the tone of the scene and was super supportive! "
" Lovely reader. Ibanda was really encouraging and was super adamant about not coming in too hot with suggestions, but had great suggestions all the same! Will definitely hire him again. "
" Ibanda is a fantastic reader! Very insightful notes too. "
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" Ibanda is a GEM. Always love working with him. Do yourself a favor and Book him ! "
" Lovely energy, great reader! "
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" Thank you Ibanda!! Your insights on my character helped make her deeper and more interesting. "
" Great to work with, good notes + direction! "
" Good work "
" Always a pleasure working with Ibanda! "
" Nice reader. Gave me what I needed for a difficult one line scene. "
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" Total pro with great feedback and notes ! "
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" Awesome Session! "
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" Positive vibes thank you so much!! "
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" Amazing reader + really nice and chill person :) 100% recommend ! "
" He was so amazing and grounded!!! Gives great notes!!! "
" Thank you thank you "
" Great with picking up on timing/tone. Offered helpful notes and feedback! "
" Had strong thoughts about the direction of the confusing scene and the VO mic sounds fab! Thanks "
" Awesome as always, highly recommend! "
" Great reader! I had a very intense & heavy scene and we were able to work out the pacing and logistics involved to get a great audition, thanks Ibanda! "
" Great reader and awesome suggestions :) "
" Great reader., sound . Highly recommended! "
" Serene, great energy. Got exactly the read I needed! "
" Fantastic notes for comedy "
" So awsome "
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" Very patient and present! Thanks so much!!! "
" Amazing as usual!Thanks for the suggestions! "
" Great generous reader "
" Awesome!! "
" Ibanda was great! He's a pro with insightful suggestions of things to try out while we did a few takes of a self-tape. Thanks Ibanda "
" I am so grateful every time I work with Ibanda, as I know he won’t let me get away with a mediocre tape. Just the right amount of direction and notes for me to fly. "
" Seriously, one of the finest readers here. A working professional, a real artist, with a grounding energy. Ibanda is also educated and smart, which is what I look for in a fellow actor. "
" Ibanda is so calm, patient, and insightful - so lucky to work with him!! "
" EXCELLENT READER!!!!!!!! I give it a try ....i am sure you will love it! "
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" Lovely to work with!! ill be back!THANK YOU! "
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" He's great!!! Love his energy, feedback and most importantly - he was super patient! "
" MVP! "
" Good feedback, attentive and friendly! thanks ibanda :) "
" What a calm presence. Took direction well and was great to read opposite. A gem! "
" AMAZING :) LOVE working with Ibanda! "
" His training really shows in his notes. We came up with something unique that I hope sets my audition apart from the rest! "
" Very insightful! "
" One of the best readers on WeAudition, hands-down. Book him! "
" Ibanda is awesome! Always fun and positive. "
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" Ibanda, is incredibly sweet and has a wonderful speaking voice. His set up is so professional and allows you to get the best sound quality for your tapes. I look forward to working with him again soon! "
" Amazing "
" Excellent reader and feedback! Ibanda's comments definitely made my choices and audition stronger. "
" Such a good actor and superb reader. "
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" Great Reader!!!! "
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" Thank you Ibanda!! Have a great day! "
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" Very giving and is willing to work with you on things! "
" Always amazing reads! I always know I'm going to have a great audition when I book with Ibanda! "
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" Ibanda is terrific reader! Very professional and supportive. He has a beautifully resonate voice to play off of and offered helpful feedback! "
" I love Ibanda as a reader! Kind and Patient. "
" You killed it once again! Thanks for the input and advice! "
" I love ibanda! hes so kind and so smart about his readings and his take, offers such a wonderful perspective. so grateful he's on here!! "
" Thank you Ibanda! "
" GOLD!!! "
" True pro ! "
" Ibanda was great! Can’t wait for the next one! "
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" Very patient lol and great reader. My phone was acting up with the storage so we did. few takes hat didn't record smh and Ibanda was very patient "
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" Ibanda, has been very helpful with rehearsing lines, and taping. I had him help me twice today! "
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" Great reader. Has great energy and awesome feedback. "
" Great stuff! "
" Great reader! Helped me with running lines "
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" Realistic and great natural advice, helped me not to over think "
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" Amazing as usual. One of the best readers on here "
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" Patient, and works well with you. "
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" Awesome, way thoughtful about going the scene will for sure hire again "
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" Great reader, amazing notes!!!! "
" Patient; helpful; professional. Very efficient and generous reader. "
" Thank you so much for all your help. Great notes and playfulness working with me. Thank you Ibanda! "
" So pleasant! "
" The best here! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great reader! Super helpful and down to earth. Highly recommend! "
" Really patient and easy going "
" I had a fantastic time with Ibanda. He offered great suggestions and brought great energy. "
" Fantastic read, excellent notes, strong understanding of story and style and technique. 10/10 recommend. "
" 👍🏻 "
" 👍 "
" The best "
" Fabulous voice. Very patient. Great reader. "
" Ibanda is such a chill, calming presence who gives you a comfortable space to work and experiment. Thanks, man!! "
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" Thanks Ibanda, you're a great partner. "
" Ibanda was awesome to work with. Gave great feedback about building my scene and on identifying an emotional arch. "
" Very helpful reader, quick on the uptake! Looking forward to working with Ibanda again. "
" Kind, generous and smart! Ibanda made me feel comfortable and ready to work. Will be returning again nd again! "
" SUPER HELPFUL !! BOOK HIM Y'ALL. He knows what he's doing. "
" Amazing! "
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" Ibanda was a great reader. Came in with the perfect notes and was very thougtful. Book with him! "
" You are super helpful and patient with myself tape and I appreciate all the suggestions that you made thank you so much cheers "
" Very patient and kind reader. "
" Omg!! So fun! He made my audition experience an enjoyable one. I highly recommend him. He is freaking fantastic. Came into the session feeling one way and left feeling a different better way!!! Boom!! "
" Ibanda! Where do I begin?! Such a great reader. Amazing energy, patient, sooo helpful and kind to boot! His notes are amazing! He has a very keen eye and is also very articulate in getting across his notes! He will take your scene to the next level! BOOK HIM!! "
" So incredibly helpful in helping me discover moments in each scene and willing to play around with ideas. Also, incredibly encouraging, which someone new to the game (like me) needs. I highly recommend Ibanda! "
" Great working with Ibanda! "
" Hes so amazing and insightful on the text and really guides through it with you "
" He was great and gave great feedback!!! "
" Once again. Ibanda comes through for the WIN! Thank you! "
" Awesome reader, thanks Ibanda! "
" A;ways great! "
" A wonderful reader who picked up quickly on the scene and gave awesome feedback/suggestions. "
" Such an amazing and grounded presence!!! My first time working with Ibanda, and I would totally work with him again. Thank you, kind sir!! "
" Super excellent reader with amazing set up! Also an incredible coach! Thank you Ibanda! "
" Great! "
" Ibanda was nice helpful and easy to work with. Thank you! "
" Wonderful per usual! Thank you so much! "
" Lovely Energy! Great read!! "
" Full of amazing suggestions, honestly so kind and most importantly talented! "
" Great reader! Great redirects, attentive and knowledgable! "
" Absolutely lovely! I had one of those small scenes for an "unnamed character," but Ibanda quickly helped me create a nice, compelling arc for them. Thank you! "
" Always great! "
" Ibanda is the real deal! His notes added a huge amount of Value to my self tape.... 10/0 "
" Great suggestions, patient and a wonderful reader! "
" Super. hilarious, great comedic suggestions! "
" Super present and easily got into character! Very helpful scene partner. "
" Excellent reader, and coach! "
" Great "
" Thank you for the time today! you were great! "
" Fantastic. Great reading, astute notes, keen eye for detail. Ibanda is a total badass! "
" Great! "
" Thank you Ibanda! Great cold read and great tips! Appreciate you! "
" Gives just the right amount of notes, in a way that feels based in story -- he just GETS it. "
" Ibanda is one of the best readers I've ever had. His great energy and observations helped my audition reach the next level. I highly recommend. "
" Ibanda is great! Patient, kind, and excels at script analysis. "
" Fantastic actor and helped me sort through the given circumstances on the fly after a few quick reads. Super professional. Will be back to self-tape with him! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing! Helped me SO much. Had great feedback, brought a fresh perspective that helped get me out of my head. He was super patient and friendly. Nice smooth voice. Would definitely use again and recommend. "
" Awesome Scene Partner "
" Great reader. Patient and kind! "
" Such great energy, and such helpful feedback "
" When you need a reader. Hit up Ibanda. Always a smooth read and will share a helpful note too to help you shine. "
" Another good Audition Tape done. Great Vibes. "
" Awesome notes "
" Talented actor, I am lucky to get him when I can. "
" Great reader. Very helpful with feedback and ideas for new takes. Def recommend. "
" Always a pleasure to work with! Ibanda has great energy and gives great notes because he is very attentive and involved. "
" Great direction, Awesome reader and Appreciate the Reassurance, "
" So patient and gives great feedback "
" Amazing!!! "
" Great! "
" The truth! "
" Just fabulous!! Thank you!!! "
" So fantastic! "
" Excellent actor and setup! "
" He's great!!! Helped me analyze my scene and everything! 10/10 would recommend! "
" Excellent notes, excellent analysis. "
" Great! "
" Thank you for the notes you gave. "
" Excellent notes and technique/tips. Upped my takes ! Thank you! "
" Very efficient and easy to work with! "
" Easy to work with! "
" Love Ibanda!!!!!!! "
" Amazing reader! Very professional and down to earth. "
" Great reader! Really patient and calm energy:) "
" Fantastic reader and great feedback! "
" Loved working with Ibanda. Great actor. Great coach. "
" Thank you brother, super patient very helpful. "
" Great energy and wonderful guidance! Super recommend! "
" Great reader!! Appreciate the willingness to help. "
" Gread reader "
" Great energy! "
" A real pro, incredible script analysis and super easy to read with. highly recommend! "
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" Great reader! Encouraging and gave a ton of good ideas. "
" Great reader, great suggestions! Very down to earth and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! "
" Great Reader, excellent advice "
" Amazing reader and such helpful notes. Thank you Ibanda!! "
" Great reader. Gave great feedback to help me improve my self tape audition. "
" Always a fantastic reader with great direction. "
" Super! IBANDA was excellent gave me everything I needed! Recommend for sure! "
" Really Helpful feedback. Def recommend. "
" Ibanda is such a great reader and overall amazing person. I had such a great time doing my tape and it became such a fun experience with his insight and support. Would absolutely recommend him! "
" OMG so amazing! I really appreciate his insight and support! Great reader and very patient :) "
" Excellent to work with. "
" Great reader, kind and patient "
" GREAT NOTES! He will get you booking! "
" Amazing reader! Fantastic advice! He helped open up this scene in a way I hadn't even thought of before. Book him immediately! "
" Ibanda was great. It was a quick session, but I got what I needed - and he gave me a couple of very good suggestions. "
" Excellent reader with great tips and advice. "
" A great reader who gave me an awesome direction for the reading. Totally recommend! "
" Ibanda is the man, and as someone coming from experience, finding a quality reader is priceless, and so the quality produced is priceless. My definite go to for tapes. You my homie now Ibanda! "
" Great working with him!!! "
" Excellent present reader with great notes and advice! "
" Ibanda was the most supportive for my audition! Highly recommend "
" GREAT ACTOR. Super supportive and encouraging as a reader. And they gave great notes. "
" Such a wonderful warm person ...so kind...respectful--excellent ideas!!!!he gave me so many new perspectives and ideas and just incredible voice and presence --he is wonderful!!!!!EXcellent reader and vibe -super cool "
" Ibanda was so helpful and patient!! Thank you for reading with me! "
" Patient and great feedback "
" Excellent reader, super helpful hints and ideas. Our session felt very collaborative in a way that I wasn't expecting, but absolutely loved. "
" Sooooo professional and talented!!!! "
" Ibanda is awesome! An amazing actor and reader. Great sensibilities about script and wonderful notes and feedback. If he's avail, read with Ibanda! "
" Very helpful with great feedback! "
" Efficient and meets you where you are at; wonderful session, highly recommend "
" Great Reader! Very patient and great voice "
" Great reader! "
" Ibanda is a Blessing, truly! His talent shines and will elevate your work trust "
" Amazing!!!! "
" Love him!!! kind and supportive with wonderful notes "
" Ibanda is fantastic reader, director and alot of fun to work with. "
" Rockstar ;) Thanks Ibanda!! "
" Amazing Reader on this platform. Thank you!!! "
" Awesome assisted me to get through five scenes effortlessly. "
" Absolutely incredible to work with. Such great feedback and such great notes. 10 out of 10 recommend. "
" I'm on round 3 with him and the minor tweak elevated the scene. I'm grateful. "
" My second time with him his suggestions just elevates the scene. "
" A great scene partner to assist with the flow of the scene. "
" So helpful. So present. A truly awesome reader. Highly Recommend! "
" Ibanda is very supportive and gave good notes. "
" Such a great reader. Really helped me find the character! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Super supportive reader. Great energy and tips! Would def use again. "
" Great Read!! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great Reader! "
" Super friendly and patient reader. Learned a lot from this guy! "
" Great energy and very easy to read with! He has a great setup, I was able to hear him very well. "
" Ibanda is awesome and great with comedy. Thank you for your notes and feedback :) "
" Great reader with great notes "
" Ibanda gives wonderful feedback and notes when working a scene. Definitely a wonderful reader when prepping an audition or for class. "
" Everything I needed in both a scene partner and reader. Really helped me bring the scene to life! "
" Great reader! Very professional and patient. Will most definitely book again! "
" Awesome! "
" Ibanda was great "
" Great notes, great reader much appreciated! "

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