Holly Bodimeade

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 10.00
upto 60 mins : $ 20.00

Actress with 15+ years of experience (NETFLIX, BBC, CBBC, TVNZ) ready to help you bring your Self Tape A-Game!

How I can help you...
• Simply by being a present, truthful, efficient reader for your tape. Letting you do your thing.
•Improvising the moment before your scene begins
•Help you get off book/run lines
•Offering suggestions (upon your request) to switch things up
•Coaching you on British RP or other British dialects
•Offer any industry advice if needed
•Theater and Shakespeare is also very much welcome!!! I've got you on that!
•Being your hype gal! Making you feel confident, relaxed and playful so you can do your BEST work!

More fun stuff...
•I can read in General American if required
•I speak basic Mandarin (will read it fluently if written in Pinyin ;-) )
•When I was a kid doing local theater I decided that when I grew I up I wanted my job to be "sitting at the side of the stage and telling people when they're saying words wrong"

LOS ANGELES: Margie Haber Studio, Shannon Bills Coaching
LONDON: NYT, Fourth Monkey, The Actors Class. Summer Intensives with RADA, Guildhall, BOVTS, GSA.

~ Feel free to email me if you want to schedule a session in advance! I'm addicted to my phone so I will most likely see your email pretty instantaneously! - hollybodimeade@icloud.com ~

Credits include guest roles on Cursed (Netflix), Father Brown, The Coroner, Casualty, Doctors (BBC)
Series leads on Paradise Cafe (CBBC/TVNZ) and Summerhill (CBBC/BBC/Amazon Prime)

Other credits include radio plays for BBC Radio 4 (leads and supporting roles), short films and fringe theatre.

Based in London.

Archie at Bodhi Talent.

143 Reader Reviews

" Fantastic Fun Reader!! "
" It was a pleasure reading with Holly! Though we were just doing a quick run through for lines, she had some wonderful and welcome input. Definitely recommend! "
" Holly was great! So nice and a natural reader, really made my audition easy. "
" Holly is so sweet and kind! Extremely supportive, I really appreciated her insight. "
" Holly was fantastic as always! "
" Holly is fantastic. Great Reader. Gave so much to work and play with. Highest recommendation. "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you thank youuuuu!!!! "
" Absolutely stunning work! "
" An angel! Love everything about my session <3 "
" Great reader! "
" As usual. She was amazing. "
" Holly is fab, has a good quality mic and really made me feel at ease. She had such a good grasp of the scene too! "
" Amazing :):) the best reader I’ve ever had! "
" Holly is always fantastic! I had sides where she had most of the lines and nailed it! "
" Holly is my go-to reader, and she knows it! She's simply the best, no other way to put it. Phenomenal dialect coach as well! "
" Lovely reading with Holly!! "
" Great energy and incredibly helpful! "
" Holly brought such a great energy to the read. Very friendly and professional! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" So happy to have met and worked with Holly! "
" Great reader and super helpful! It felt very natural and confident "
" Holly is the best! "
" Another great session with Holly, thank you! "
" Holly is fantastic, such a great actress and gives really great feedback! "
" Excellent reader. Very pleasant. "
" So Smart. Helpful. Right on point. THANK YOU! "
" Holly, simply put, is the penultimate reader. I book her literally every chance I get. Holly, thank you for all of the help you've offered me. Truly grateful. "
" Great reader and a lot of fun to work with! "
" Lovely reader and very helpful "
" Amazing reader and so helpful. Thanks Hollly! "
" Holly was wonderful! She was happy to play with me to get the right character arc going! "
" What a Holly Jolly time! DO NOT HESITATE TO BOOK! "
" Holly is so fun and creative to work with. Thank you for helping me with this accent. "
" Loved playing with Holly! "
" Fantastic reader ! "
" Holly helped me on a MARATHON of an audition with FIVE scenes, she was so patient and helpful. She wanted to make sure I got the best takes of each scene. Encouraging, with fantastic notes. Will definitely work with her again if I get the chance. "
" Such a kind and helpful reader! Holly gave wonderful constructive feedback and really helped me to connect with the text. 10/10 recommend! "
" Holly is so sweet! Easy to work with and a great reader "
" Great reader! Super nice. "
" An excellent reader who has amazing insight - highly recommend "
" First time using WeAudition and Holly is amazing and patient!!! Thank you so much :) "
" Amazing. Present. Creative. "
" Lovely! "
" Holly was a fantastic reader! So generous with her time and really nailed the nuances of the script- great feedback too! "
" Super encouraging and a great reader! "
" Amazing ! "
" Holly was incredible as always! She's great with drama, comedy, all of it. Thank you! "
" Holly is AMAZING!! She is the perfect balance between allowing you to do your thing, giving you a space to create freely, and offering a new perspective/small note that makes a big difference! Thank you, Holly! "
" Cannot recommend enough, best reader I've had on WeAudition - fab! "
" Holly is a great reader and provides great feedback. "
" Best reader I have read with on we audition. Highly recommend Holly. She is extremely talented, present, and adds so many amazing colors to your script. Thanks for an incredible read Holly! "
" Amazing! So happy to work together a second time! "
" So sweet! Lovely reader! "
" Amazing reader, very intuitive with the work :) "
" Holly was fabulous! This was my first time using wesudition and I was SO nervous. I didn't have everything set up well but she made me feel super at ease. She listened to exactly what I needed and answered all my questions. I needed someone to help me with my RP British Accent and she was able to pick out the vowel sounds I was messing up and went through things line by line with me. And then gave me tips on body language too. Great first experience! She picked up her lines really fast, I forgot we were acting. Felt like a real conversation. Highly recommend Holly : ) "
" Really great to read with! Great timing. "
" Awesome as always! Thank you so much Holly! "
" Thanks so much for the read! She helped me understand the scene better. Appreciate it. "
" Very very very good. "
" Wonderful. A truly nuanced, genuine, and enthusiastic actor. "
" Amazing working with Holly!! She’s so supportive and fun, and gives great feedback. Highly recommend!!! "
" Holly is an excellent reader and super friendly personality "
" Holly was so lovely! A great reader and super fun to read with. Highly Recommend! "
" Lovely to work with! Thank you very much <3 "
" Super easy going and capable reader. "
" Holly is the nonpareil! Her reads are always incredible, her feedback is laser-focused and always helpful, and she's a relentless supporter during the self-tape process. Holly, thank you so much for being such an outstanding reader! "
" Fantastic reader! Gives great feedback and adds great personality to the read without going over the top. I highly recommend Holly. "
" Loved working with Holly! She was great for running lines and super quick to pick up the scene. "
" So great!! Wow! So much nuance and realism, it made my performance that much stronger. THANKS, Holly! "
" Fun reader, very energetic, and really helped my confidence on an audition that was not easy to tell if i was going at it correctly. Holly really built my confidence! "
" Holly is wonderful! She was very patient with my not so tech savvy self :) thank you so much! "
" Holly is wonderful and jumped right in even on the first read! Highly recommend "
" So kind and gracious! Wonderful energy to work with. Thank you! "
" Holly is truly a special reader! She is really patient and offers some awesome insight. Highly recommend her to anyone who wants to book their next tape!!! "
" So kind and professional! "
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" Such a great reader! Very helpful and patient, and super nice! Highly recommend "
" Holly was WONDERFUL!!! "
" She is the best reader i have ever worked with "
" Hollie is awesome "
" Holly was SO fun to read with!!! She really helped me warm up and get comfty in my scene!Thank you!!! "
" So good!! "
" Holly was fantastic, first time working with her and she was great! "
" So friendly and gave really helpful feedback. Book her! "
" Thanks so much Holly! Very easygoing and fun to work with! "
" Totally got the vibe of the scene! She’s great "
" So fun to work with. Def book her. "
" Super fun to read with. Thank you "
" Awesome reader thank you very much "
" Holly was fantastic!! Amazing energy and reader. Highly recommend :) "
" A wonderful and wonderfully kind spirit. Thanks for everything, Holly!! "
" Great Reader "
" Excellent! Thanks so much, Holly! Will definitely find you on here again xx "
" Holly is a really natural and great actress ! "
" The loveliest reader and such a great actress and human !! "
" A legend. Jumped right in, and smashed it. "
" Holly was excellent! Great actress and attentive reader. "
" Thank you!! "
" Excellent "
" Excellent, very patient "
" Wonderful reader! Jumped right in, gave me exactly what I needed! Positive and encouraging! "
" Fantastic reader!!! "
" Best reader ever!! "
" Loved reading with her! "
" Holly is so lovely! Very patient, great to have as a reader and very encouraging. Plus she brings a great personality to the session, definitely recommend! Thanks a lot Holly! "
" Holly was super supportive and fun scene partner. Got the takes I needed very quickly! "
" Holly was incredible!! Her reading is top shelf, and her feedback is incisive. Truly phenomenal reader and a wonderful human. Thank you, Holly! "
" Fantastic Reader, Very Helpful! "
" Holly is lovely! Super easy to work with, hope to cross paths again "
" Really, sincerely a superstar. I had an audition today that was very much out-there and Holly was with me every step of the way. Thank you so much!!! "
" Amazing reader "
" Amazing reader! So Helpful and fun to work with! Highly recommend! "
" Amazing!!!! Holly was super generous and gave fab notes! Big thank you for this morning! "
" Definitely my favorite reader I've had. "
" Holly was so amazing, I don't even know how to do her justice in this review. She was helpful and thoughtful and additive; she created a comfortable place to play from; she had SO MANY good ideas for the scene. "
" Holly is a great reader! "
" Amazing reader!! She is so good at reading, that its very easy to react to her. Thank you Holly! "
" Amazing reader! Really helped me out with my audition. Definitely would recommend! "
" An AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING reader! Helped me so much and is genuinely a gift to work with. Holly is who you're looking for. "
" Awesome! Such a good reader to play off of "
" Holly was so helpful, great reader, would definitely reccomend! "
" The best! Super fun and present reader. "
" Thank you very much Holly! So nice and helpful. Fabulous reader! Highly recommended! "
" Thank you Holly! So fun "
" Fantastic and amazing reader! Nice, helpful and patient. Thank you very much once again! "
" Fab!!! Professional and really helpful "
" Amazing Experience!! Great Reader :) "
" Wonderful and amazing reader. Helpful, nice and give good suggestions. Thank you very much! Highly recommended! "
" Fantastic reader! Super nice and patient. Thank you very much! "
" Super amazing reader! Holly can speak Mandarin too and that's so cool! Very nice and helpful. Thank you very much! "
" Holly is a wonderful reader! "
" Holly is a great reader with excellent attention to detail. Many thanks Holly! "
" So fun. Made my day and great read. Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic reader! Super nice and helpful. Thank you very much! "
" Such great energy and an amazing voice! My taping went great thanks to Holly!! "
" AMAZING direction! Had so much fun shooting with you! "
" Fantastic reader! Super nice and helpful. Thank you very much once again! "
" Amazing reader! Super nice, patient and helpful. Highly recommended! Thank you very much! "
" It's been great to work with Holly, very relaxed, fun, and received some excellent input! Book her. "
" One of the best readers I've had on here! Good notes (upon my request) and an excellent hype person. Holly stayed on the call for 2 extensions to make sure I got takes I liked and was very patient while waiting with me for neighbors making noise to pass. Great personality too! Thank you! "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
TV Series
2017 [IMDB]
Father Brown
TV Series
2016 [IMDB]
2015 [IMDB]
The Coroner
TV Series
2015 [IMDB]
2015 [IMDB]
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
The Fruits of Labour
2014 [IMDB]
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
Con buenas intenciones
2010 [IMDB]
Sherry Red Shoes
2009 [IMDB]
Paradise Cafe
TV Series
2008 [IMDB]
TV Movie
2007 [IMDB]