Helen Potter

Hi there! I'm a professionally-trained actor, musician and voice actor, and I have years of experience on both sides of the audition.

Looking for a reader to help you lift the script off the page? Or maybe just a quick session to nail that dialogue and build some confidence? I'm ready to jump straight in with you, and get those lines sounding slicker and more natural.

Need someone with good comic timing? I've also got years of comedy experience as an MC and can help you deliver those silly moments with poise!

I am also based in London, so if you need an English accent for a scene, I'm happy to help!

Helen Potter stars as Philippa Rayden in video game 'Not for Broadcast', to be released on March 23rd, 2023 on Xbox, Playstation and VR.
She has recently played Ophelia in Hamlet at The Rotherhithe Playhouse, and provided backing vocals on Cosmo Sheldrake's album (to be released September 2023.)

Helen works as an actor, singer and voice actor. She is currently in HOWL - a gigging singing group in the UK, and her own band 'Alpine Town of the Year' (on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.)

Helen also works as a comedy MC for regular night 'Aunt Flow's Fight Club' in the London comedy scene.

Kate Borde, Kate Borde Personal Management kate@kateborde.co.uk 07856587373

" Someone from London with a British accent! She was perfect for my period drama side. So kind and easy to work with, "
" Thank you, really helpful with reading and rehearsing! "
" Helen was awesome! Really great notes that helped the scene out by so much. BOOK her! "

Credits Include

2023 [added]
HOWL at King's Place
Contemporary classical/folk Lead singer
2023 [added]
Not For Broadcast
Video Game: VR Release Content Philippa Rayden
2022 [added]
The Hippie Shakes, UK Tour
Gig Theatre Musical Director
2021 [added]
Not For Broadcast: Episode 3
Video Game Philippa Rayden
2021 [added]
HOWL at The Good's Shed, Stroud
Lead Singer
2020 [added]
Not For Broadcast: Episode 2
Video Game Philippa Rayden
2020 [added]
Rotherhithe Playhouse Ophelia
2019/2020 [added]
Stoned, Stupid & Stuck, UK Tour
Theatre/Comedy Amanda
2019 [IMDB]
Not for Broadcast
2019 [added]
The Barber of Seville
Devon Opera Ambrogio/Coro/Ufficiale
2019 [added]
West Midland's Childrens' Theatre The Genie
2019 [added]
The Adventures of Isaac Saddlesore
The Electric Theatre, Guildford Violinist
2019 [added]
After Dark: or A Drama of London Life
Finborough Theatre Mary
2018 [added]
The Canal Café Theatre Lead Performer
2018 [added]
Bitter at The New Diorama Theatre
2018 [added]
The Home: Film Innovation
Short Film Lauren
2018 [added]
SKY: Ryder Cup Promo
Commercial Scottish Girl


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