Harriet Earle

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Hi! I'm an Actor and Voice Artist who's been acting professionally for six years during which time I've done over 100 self-tapes for a variety of projects.

I'm passionate about helping people to self-tape. I'm aware that there's a lot of sensitivity and diplomacy required. I'm happy just to read or to offer a bit of coaching if requested.

I can do a general US accent and a variety of British accents including Birmingham, General Scottish, West Country, London. and General American. My own accent is Received Pronunciation or RP.

I love comedy and drama.

I've acted professionally for six years after training as a mature student on an intensive full time course at Drama Studio London in, well, London.

Major credits include an Offie nomination for Lady Bracknell, Clare 1 in This is My House for BBC1 (series one, episode five) and the Lead in a Brexit satire, also for the BBC. I've also played an unawed fan opposite Jamie Redknapp for a video about the new Tottenham stadium and a supporting role in Waiting for Comedy Central.

As for drama, I've played supporting roles in two Bollywood films and Tracey, Mother of the heroine, in Mother's Child, a feature film now streaming on Amazon Prime. I've performed twice at The Southwark Playhouse in Confidence/Supply and Wild Boar, playing a repressed Scottish schoolteacher and the Mother of a woman suffering a difficult pregnancy.

Corporate work includes a health and safety training film for the BBC, a variety of patient roles in training films for doctors and dentists and the Manager of a home care provider for BVS Training Videos.

I speak fluent Russian and French and can do Russian and French accents (when speaking in English) as well as General American, General Scottish, Yorkshire, West Country and London.

Sarah Redmond at Redshaw Management. Contact: sarah@redshawmanagement.co.uk
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Credits Include

2022 [added]
Medical Training Film
Medical Skills Pro Heart Patient
2022 [added]
Corporate Video Grandma
2022 [added]
Roller Coasters
Short film - London Film Academy Margaret (Lead)
2022 [added]
Halloween Spook Booth
Corporate Visitor Experience Mildred the Photographer's Assistant
2022 [added]
Online Workshop
Corporate Training Janet the Boss (Lead) for Do Think Do
2022 [added]
SES Satellites
Series of Explainers Voice Over
2021 [added]
This is My House - BBC
Comedy Improv Upper Class Clare 1
2021 [added]
WWF Series of Videos
For Social Media and TV Voice Over
2021 [added]
Met Film School Mildred the Medium
2021 [added]
Corporate Pitch Video
Ekstasy Films Voice Over
2021 [added]
Crypto Aaiji
Bollywood Feature Film Dr Williams
2020 [added]
Choomantar/Hocus Pocus
Bollywood Film Jenny (Supporting)
2020 [added]
The Dark Year
Short Film London Film School Margaret (supporting)
2020 [added]
Sadie Smith's Advice for Lockdown
Actor/Writer Sadie Smith
2020 [added]
What Happened to Mrs Rogers
Short Film Met Film School Mary Rogers
2019 [IMDB]
Meat Is Murder
2019 [added]
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Social Media Video
Outbound Bossy Unawed Fan interrating with Jamie Redknapp
2019 [added]
Wild Boar
LPG Theatre Production at Southwark Playhouse Grandma (Supporting)
2019 [added]
Mother's Child
Amazon Prime Tracey (Supporting)
2019 [added]
Comedy Central/Viacom Russian Cleaner
2019 [added]
Wood for the Trees (Brexit Satire)
Short Film for BBC Carol (Lead)
2019 [added]
Clinical Training Film
Clinical Skills Pro Hostile Dental Patient
2019 [added]
Medical Corporate Film
Bite Medical Selina the Diabetic
2018 [added]
LPG Theatre Production Southwark Playhouse Janice Martin (Lead)
2018 [added]
Stepping Out
Theatre Production Mrs Fraser (supporting)
2017 [added]
The Importance of Being Earnest
Fringe Theatre Production Lady Bracknell (Offie nomination)
1995 [IMDB]
The Glam Metal Detectives
TV Series
1994 [IMDB]
Under the Hammer
TV Series
Mothers Child