Glenn Povéy

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Hi to all actors from around the world.

A bit about me.
Based in the UK, with an English accent, including regional variations. General American, and others too.

I can be just a reader for you, or can give you constructive feedback and/or and coaching, it's your choice!

If I am not online on WeAudition, you are welcome to contact me, and book a convenient time for us both, at my email address:

Please visit my website:
Here you will find more information, as well as my 2020 Showreel, which includes a IMDB accredited, multiple award winning dark comedy film titled 'Armpit'.

Agent: Trish McMillan

A bit more about me
* I am also a professional musician and singer, with over 25 years experience, including songwriting, soundtracks and performing live throughout the UK and Europe.
* My musician and composer website:

'It's not all about me'
Based in the UK, with an English accent, including regional, American and others too.

My most recent work has been on a TV drama series, and a IMDB accredited, multiple award-winning dark comedy film titled 'Armpit' which can be viewed on my new 2020 Showreel, on this page.

A bit about me
* Comfortable working in all film & TV genres, with a special interest in Sci-Fi.
* Using the Meisner technique as a starting point, my ultimate aim as an actor is to deliver truthful performances, with professionalism, focus and conviction.
* My work ethic is that teamwork, is the key to success.
* Other passions include music, football, cats, and saving the earth!

Get in touch
* Audition self tapes are no problem, please use the contact page on my website to request.
* Or if you like, a one to one informal chat using WeAudition /Zoom etc, then that’s cool too.

For more about me, please visit my website:
My email address:

A bit more about me
* I am also a professional musician, with over 25 years experience, including songwriting, soundtracks and performing live throughout the UK and Europe.

Representation: - Agent: Trish McMillan

30 Reader Reviews

" Lovely scene partner! "
" Good at giving direction and shaping scene "
" Thanks Glenn! I appreciate it! Nice work. "
" Excellent reader! Thanks for all the notes. "
" Glenn is a very talented and friendly actor. Working with him just flows. "
" Super professional. I had a ton of action & movement in my scene & he was a perfect fit. Great to work with. "
" Great work Glenn! Thank you! "
" Glenn was a very helpful reader! Thanks Glenn! "
" Glenn was great really helped me work through the scene "
" Great read! "
" Great reader "
" Wow. What a reader! "
" Glenn was excellent. Great reader. Great note! "
" Lovely, friendly, took to the script quickly! "
" What a sweet guy who is a great reader and also gives excellent advice for memorization! I would have really blown it, if not for that one little tip. Bravo! "
" Excellent working with Glenn on a call back for a film. Great notes. "
" Lovely reader! "
" Glenn was AMAZING! He totally embodied the character he was reading for. He was really great to bounce ideas off of. He also helped me find the beats of the scene. Highly recommend him! "
" Glenn was, again...superb! Willing to dive in deep, give feedback, help craft the moments. He was also great to chat with afterwards about the business! I'm so grateful he could jump back online and help me finish a series of scenes for my self-tape! "
" Glenn was terrific and patient and so helpful! I'll be calling on his assistance again! "
" Wonderful warm and friendly "
" Perfect, so helpful, we had to do a long session, but 100% focused, thank you ! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great reader. I enjoyed working with Glenn. Lovely person. "
" Amazing Amazing! "
" Glenn was a great reader and very patient! "
" Shakespeare! "
" The best! "
" Amazing and patient! "
" Great reader "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
2019 [added]
TV series - Kyle
2019 [added]
The Crystal Egg
Short film - Mr Cage
2018 [IMDB]
Patient Zero
2018 [added]
Wars of the World
Feature Film - Mr Johnson
2018 [added]
The French Strikers (Featuring Teddy Sheringham)
TV Commercial Baggage Handler
2017 [IMDB]
She Played the Piano
2017 [added]
The Hamter
Short Film - Gypsy Ainsworth
2016 [IMDB]
TV Series