Erika Barraza

Erika Barraza is a bi-lingual Latina actress, a native English speaker and fluent in Central American Spanish. She continues her training at the Ruskin school of Acting in Santa Monica, CA. Based in West Hollywood, she has been hired for various music videos, industrial training and voice over, and a Netflix series.

She's a trained mezzo-soprano, specializing in youthful and articulate voice over work.

Erika is an Actor and Producer living in Los Angeles. She first studied storytelling and performing arts at The Clayton Arts Academy, then at The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. She continues her training at The Ruskin School of Acting. Erika is a multi-skilled performer, a trained Mezzo-Soprano Belter - who accompanies herself with the ukulele. A life-long athlete, she is an advanced swimmer, aggressive boxer, expert yogi, and new quad-roller skater.

She is a first generation American; fluent in Latin American Spanish, with a heritage rooted in the Maya Indigenous people from El Salvador.

A born and raised California girl, she is always exploring new technologies. Erika produces virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences for global audiences. She attended Hult International Business School and holds a Masters Degree in Social Entrepreneurship which she uses to produce innovative stories for social good.

Kimberly Merritt, Serendipity Entertainment: 213-761-7505

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