Emma Factor

Hi, I'm Emma Factor!

I'm a SAG/AFTRA member and have a BFA in drama from UNC School of the Arts. I have a recurring guest star on CBS' Madam Secretary, as well as appearing on Syfy's Happy!, CBS pilot "Main Justice", and various short films.

As a reader, I'm here for whatever you need! I can help run lines, rehearse a scene or tape an audition.

I can provide feedback if you'd like, or hold space while you go through your process. I love acting and would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Tips are appreciated!

If you can, Venmo is better! @Emma_Factor


Emma Factor is a SAG/AFTRA member based in NYC. Credits include CBS' Madam Secretary, Syfy's Happy!, and CBS pilot Main Justice.


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Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
Henny Penny
2018 [added]
Madam Secretary
Guest Recur Lucinda
2018 [added]
Happy! (Syfy)
Costar Jenna
2018 [added]
Main Justice (CBS Pilot)
Costar Tara Stone