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I'm happy to help you with your taping needs, whether you want to just do your thing and let 'er rip, or you'd like specific feedback to enhance your audition. If you're looking for freedom and authenticity, let's play.

I've worked on both sides of the camera in North America for 8 years as an actress, writer, producer, and casting assistant. I'm a graduate of Terry Knickerbocker Studio's Two Year Meisner Conservatory where the main focus was simple, meaningful, truthful behavior. I have also trained in Chekov, Clown, and the Bunseki method of script analysis.

I really look forward to connecting with you :)

Venmo @Emily-Brown-1166

If you'd like to arrange in advance, email me at: emily.kp.brown@gmail.com

I've worked on both sides of the camera in North America for 8 years, as an actress, writer, producer, and casting assistant. I'm a graduate of Terry Knickerbocker Studio's Two Year Conservatory where the main focus was simple, meaningful, truthful behavior. I have also trained in Chekov, Clown, and the Bunseki method of script analysis.


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" Great feedback and reader "
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" Very fun read! Thanks Emily!! "
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" Great reader, thank you for your patience! "
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" Emily is simply the best reader I've ever had. If you want to have someone who can read and give you EVERYTHING you need even things you didn't know you needed, choose her. If you want someone who fully understands story and script, she's the best. On top of it she's just delightful and so exciting to be around. If you want to be the best you can be, choose Emily! "
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" This was such a fun and enriching read. Emily just gets it. Makes you feel like she's in the room over a Zoom, and that's invaluable. Charming, personable, professional, and what's more, she has fun with you. Highly recommended! Will work with her again! "
" Emily is fantastic! "
" Great understanding of the scene and suggestions when asked, "
" So great!! Emily offered so much to the scene and threw in some fun things to try/great ideas which I SO appreciated!!! Thank you thank you. : ) "
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" Emily is FANTASTIC. Wonderful energy, perfect read. Dream collaborator!! THANK YOU EMILY!!! "
" Emily is a fantastic reader. She is so kind, patient and jumps right in from the get go. Her Love for Shakespeare really helped me with a tricky audition. Book her!!! 10/10 "
" Emily is the BEST! I always love taping with her and love the space she creates for freedom and play. She picks up the scene so quickly and is such a great actor with really helpful suggestions. I feel great about my tape and can't wait to work with her again. BOOK HER!! "
" Emily is so friendly and so helpful! She is a great reader and has a great eye for connecting to the emotionality of the scene! "
" Emily was lovely, patient and gave some fun tips to bring some more 'umph' to a self-tape! Thanks Emily for your help!! "
" Awesome reader!! Great energy and delivery! "
" Great reader! We had a lot of technical difficulties and she was so patient and helpful :) "
" Incredibly generous and knowledgeable scene partner. It just flowed. Kept it succinct, offered feedback when necessary and was an incredible incredible storyteller. I am deeply thankful for Emily. Until we see each other at work. Peace "

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