Ellie McDivitt

Given the correct readings I believe I have many experiences that I can bring to the role and show the authenticity whether it be anger, despair, desperation, pain, guards up, vulnerability. But to certain readings due to my life experience I know I can portray a genuine connection to that situation that the audience will connect with.


From past life experiences I spent a long of my life “acting” but in real life, pretending to be someone I’m not living a double often triple life although it was extremely hard work and emotionally draining at many times it was what I felt was required during what most people claim are the best years of their life. I suffered with many issues such as mental health, severe substance abuse, homelessness, physical abuse as well as all the other kicks while your down that seem to go hand in hand with the lifestyle I initially chose, just over 20years later and I can look back and know it was those experiences that made me the person I am today, so any opportunity to portray a character with some or any similar issues I experienced with the right coaching I would love to express these and ensure the audience can see all sides of the character.

As a complete beginner to anything like this I have so many possibilities running through my mind right now, I’m hoping someone will see a potential in me and take my under their wing, I do not have

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