Elizabeth Clare


Experienced reader based in Los Angeles with professional experience reading at Golan Studios in Chicago, IL.

Reading is enjoyable for me because I like being supportive and I appreciate the opportunity to be in step with another actor as they find magic on the sides! :)

I take class at Anthony Meindl's studio here in LA and trained at Second City in Chicago. I've taken classes with Judy Kain and Killian McHugh for advanced commercial work!


Midwesterner that can make a mean strawberry rhubarb crumble and throw a nice sidekick:)

I have a handful of national commercials under my belt, and have pinned for network guest stars. I love the collaboration and unique skills everyone brings to a production!

I take class at AMAW and trained at The Second City Chicago Conservatory. I earned a degree in Jazz Voice & Composition at St.Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, as well as a red belt in Taekwondo here in Los Angeles.

In addition to my creative life, I'm a mental health advocate and speaker. I've written trauma-informed programming for NoStigmas (a non-profit focused on suicide prevention and peer support through lived experience), and continue to share my survivorship story to help unsilence and destigmatize our world.

I also really love cats

Credits Include

2015 [IMDB]
True Nightmares
TV Series
2014 [IMDB]
Serial Daters Anonymous
Model as Eliza
2014 [IMDB]
Warning Label
Bethany Yates
Better Than Chocolate