Elex Marin

I speak spanish and english , I studied acting in Colombia for 2 years plus a semester in Argentina, I have always been passionate about acting but didnt decide to jump into it after I finished my Industrial Design degree , acting is what I live for , with this plataform I can help and gain some experience, hit me up if you need some help

I am from Colombia I have studied acting in my country for 2 years, and trying to get some experience as an actress . I can help you reading anytime


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" Could not connect, not sure if it was on my end, but will reach out again for her to read "
" Thank you so much!! "
" Elex is a natural! She made a great reader.. really helped me get into character. "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader! Very patient! "
" Thank you so much for helping me learn the lines! "
" Kind reader to rehearse with! "
" Loved reading with Elex! Great personality! "
" Good to work with. Provided helpful advice. "
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