Ditch the Day Job!
WeRehearse helps you earn while you learn!

WeRehearse loves being able to give actors the opportunity to earn money and stay creative!

When you sign up, you are automatically enabled as a reader to help others run their lines, but if you would like to earn tips you will need a PayPal account. You receive 100% of any tips you earn. WeRehearse does not take a fee from your tips.

After you have linked your Paypal account to your profile, turn your 'Available NOW' beacon to ON and you're ready to read!

To increase your chances of being seen as a reader you can easily promote your profile via your social networking platforms by linking to your profile page, or using the social share buttons in your dashboard to get the word out that you are available to help!

To move up levels you need to gain experience and good ratings. We do this to maintain a high standard of readers on our site so that when YOU need help with an audition, you know you can trust readers on our site. Once you have shown just how awesome you are, you can eventually set your own price. WeRehearse takes a small percentage fee (20%) and the money is paid to you immediately, so there are no thresholds or waiting for transfers, and in the unlikely event your reader is not happy, you can action any refunds directly.


How to track what you earn

You can see an overview of your earnings on your payments page, which is vital for your end of year taxes! The best place to see a definitive list of money in and money out is by logging into your PayPal account and viewing your transaction history. This will give you more details of who you paid, and who paid you.

Refunds are your responsibility.

When you charge a fixed fee we have made it very easy for you to decline a booking, and users pre-approve their payments in advance. You only receive payment when you have finished your read on WeRehearse.

Taxes & Legals
You are responsible for any earnings!

You must to declare what you earn. We do not do this for you.

Please keep in mind that by using our site you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which state you will abide by the tax laws in your region of the world. To find out what your local tax regulations are please visit your state’s/district/region’s government website.