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Hello! After reading for myself and my sister, giving feedback, and working through table reads with other actors, I've decided to take to the online space and help others!

I am an actor with training in Meisner and some improv (though that's quite rusty!) and enjoy the process of self taping, taking it as another opportunity to work on the craft and to have some fun! I offer encouraging help and can also work through different options with you! Tips and reviews are always appreciated!

Dreia Ong has worked on scif-fi, horror, drama, and a single cam sitcom, as well as live theatre and a Zoom film and Zoom plays. She has studied Meisner for over 2 years and has some improv experience.


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" Friendly, positive & easy to work with! "
" Dreia is great!! Excellent reader and super patient. "
" Super great reader. so patient. kind energy. gives great suggestions "
" Wonderful actress and great reader. Plus had a lot of fun reading with her. "
" Great reader! Really was able to go with the flow when we tried different circumstances! "
" Loved working with Dreia. She was comfortable to give me feedback without even asking. It was awesome "
" So sweet ! a pleasure working with you! "
" Amazing reader!!!!! I will definitely read with her again! "
" Great reader, super helpful! "
" Catered her reading to mine. It was nice to play off a reader. "
" Dreia was amazing! Super helpful with helping me come up with new ideas! "
" Thanks so much Dreia! You were great :) "
" Great read and awesome energy. "
" Amazing!! I had some technical difficulties and she even gave great notes! "
" Great! "
" Awesome reader . "
" Dreia was wonderful, patient and a great reader! Would definitely recommend :) "

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