Diana Black

Greetings Fellow Actors,
I'm a formally-trained actor - Method, Meisner, and Practical Aesthetics, a member of a Table-read group - "Voices on Paper" where we perform - weekly, a "warm read" of a Writer's script, followed by script analysis. I read for actors privately and I look forward to reading for you. I'm FT screenwriter working from home, when not acting and so I'm available at short notice,
While Self-tapes allow you to be your own Director and do multiple takes, are you "delivering" a rich and memorable characterization? Its not just about being word-perfect, but about character and relationship.
As a Reader only - a nominal fee of $5 for pages 1 - 5, for scripts 5+ pages $10.
As a Reader AND helping you break down the script - beats, subtext, and the relationship between the characters in and/or influencing the scene, including the 5W's, it's $25/session and we work on the script for as long as it takes to get your best scenework recorded and/or prepare you for an in-person audition. Looking forward to working with you.... Diana

Formal training - Method, Meisner, and Practical Aesthetics...commenced 2006.
Formally-trained Screenwriter - Features, Television/Streaming platforms, Shorts, and Theatrical Plays.
Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama, Film & TV with a GPA of 3.7

Email: diana@dianatblack.com Mobile: (310) 922 0839