Devon Johnson

My name is Devon Johnson, a fellow actor, creative, and encourager. I'm a bit extroverted, a bit fun, and genuinely excited to read for you. I love reading new material and watching actors open up to the possibility of a new idea, character, or opportunity. Let me know if I can help encourage and support your dream and your journey to working on honing your craft.

Hi There!
I'm Devon Johnson, and it's honestly great to meet you here. Whether here is from your home, office, or a cafe, I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my passion with you. My heart is to create with my whole being. A lot of that is acting, some of that is writing, and some of that is supporting fellow creatives in my field. I have a mix of Emma Stone's look, quite a bit of sarcastic wit, and a lot of next-door neighbor quirkiness. I hope I get to meet you in person and that we get the opportunity to work together in the future, but until then I'm thankful for your time and your hard work.


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