Delaney Conway

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I'm Delaney, an American actor based in London & NY.

Happy to read with or without providing feedback. I can also help with American, British, and Irish accents. Fluent Spanish.

Recent co-star on Travesuras de la Niña Mala (The Bad Girl) streaming on ViX+. Just wrapped filming a lead role in an indie film.
Previous credits include AMC's Soulmates, Sony's Horizon Forbidden West, and commercial work for KFC, Facebook, Sephora, Vodafone, Oysho, and more.

Identity School of Acting & The London Meisner Company.
BFA in Dance from Point Park University.

Represented by The American Agency (UK) and Salvador Agency (Spain).

I look forward to reading with you!

I'm an Irish-American actor from Washington, D.C. based in London & New York.

Recent credits include a co-star on Travesuras de la Niña Mala (The Bad Girl) and a lead in an indie film. I've also appeared in AMC's Soulmates, available on Amazon Prime Video. Commercial work for KFC, Facebook, Sephora, Vodafone, Oysho, Omio, Telepizza. VO for Horizon Forbidden West, Just Cause, and Facebook.

Current Training: The London Meisner Company.
Previous: Identity School of Acting.
Extensive dialect coaching in British RP in addition to my natural American.

After graduating with a BFA in Dance at the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University, I moved to Madrid, Spain and joined a professional contemporary dance company. While dancing in Spain, I appeared in several national commercials which sparked a newfound passion for acting.

I'm currently represented by The American Agency in London and Salvador Agency in Spain.


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