Dee Smith

Hi there!

If your looking for that all needed insight and feedback into your work, I’m happy to help!

Auditions, showreels? I’m here for all of it.

I have 10+ years of experience through theatre experience coupled with a college and university education.
I’ll ALWAYS be open and honest to help you achieve the best outcome possible. Give you my word. I’m also in your position, so a perspective from someone in the same boat couldn’t hurt.

23 years of age.
Playing range 17 - 23
Ethnicity and location - White female from South Yorkshire.
Hair colour - Dark brown.
Eye colour - Green/Blue
Height - 5,2 (I can walk with aids but prefer a wheelchair.)

I’m a proud disabled actress who trained in performing arts and Writing both at college and university. I can sing, dance, write and act.

My aim is to breathe the diversity of the world into an industry that has inspired me all my life. Disabled people are strong, beautiful and talented people who can fit anywhere and everywhere; from fantasy to Science fiction.

Theatre rolls include -
Beauty and the Beast - Lefou.
Haroun and the sea of stories - Genie.
A night of Shakespeare - Puck and Juliet.
Grease - Rizzo.

I can do a Northern accent, RP accent, American accent (Northern and Southern) and Spanish Accent.

As a trained writer, I’m also writing numerous scripts for television, film and stage aimed towards inclusivity and diversity the represent the modern world.