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As an actor, I understand the importance of being comfortable on camera. As a writer, I can help you navigate the sometimes confusing text you're asked to perform. As a director, I can help get you to your best performance.

Be it monologues, scene study, or improv, I can help you zero in on your best performance and best audition.

Acting is living. Let me help you find the life in your performance.

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I have been performing in Los Angeles and San Diego on stage, screen, and as a voice actor for the last ten years. When I’m not acting, I direct and I teach screenwriting. My extensive experience on set both in front of and behind the camera has given me unique insight into the acting and casting process.


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" A great positive scene partner, always helpful for getting in a good flow! "
" Thanks David! Great Read!! "
" David was awesome! "
" Great partner, very friendly too "
" Very good reader "
" Thank you for being down to do whatever I needed! "
" Awesome!! "
" SUPER AWESOME !!!!!! "
" Great reading with David! "
" David was a great reader with making sure my character was nuanced. Thank you. "
" Awesome, thanks for helping with my self tape!! "
" A pro's pro who's game to play and be there with you :) "
" Awesome reader - super helpful and insightful! "
" A true gem, through and through (don'cha know?). Thanks, David!! "
" David's great! He had concrete ideas that really helped. "
" I worked with David on a short scene and he was great! "
" David was awesome! "
" Great reader love his energy thank you very much!! "
" Amazing reader and always has great notes. Thanks David! "
" TERRIFIC reader. "
" Such a great reader and talented actor! It was my first time using We Audition and David made it so easy! We were able to knock this audition out in only a couple takes! "
" Such an amazing help!! His writing and directorial skills really helped me understand the subtext and what's happening in the scene. He was very personable and I felt comfortable quickly working with him. I will book him every time if I can. Great great reader!! Nice guy!! "
" Super awesome experience. Great notes. Wouldn’t have been the same without reading with David. "
" David was on the ball and in the zone with me! Got it first take then did some fun ones! "
" Great reader! "
" Thanks so much David for helping me run lines in such a short amount of time! "
" Great job!!! "
" Solid! "
" David was wonderfully helpful for an improv self-tape I had! Really helped clear up the objective of what I was doing and brought more variation to my performance. "
" Great and patient and had a good speed of his read "
" David was an awesome reader I needed for a self tape!! He gave me a helpful tips and direction while taping. Thank you, David!! "
" So supportive! so proffessional! Wonderful reader. 10/10! "
" Solid reader and coach as always. Thanks David. "
" You're the best! So very helpful and great tips! Best wishes! "
" He gave me great notes!!! He is super helpful!! Will definitely use him again!!! "
" David is a great reader and has insightful notes that helped elevate my performance. Thanks David! "
" Such a wonderful actor and a great help! Thank you so much! "
" Quick to pick up copy and fun to read with "
" Very good cold reader and EZ to work w. Thx! "
" Great Reader for my Pharma Ad Audition. "
" Great reader and had great pacing from the jump! Brought the energy I needed! "
" David is awesome! He's great at adjusting his pace and gives me exactly what I need. "
" Great!!! "
" Great and patient!! "

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