David Kepner

No fee. Tips are appreciated.
LA-based actor.

MFA in Acting - UCLA
BA in Theater - Boise State University

I've had the privilege of working with some incredible artists as a student and as a professional.

ACTING: Jon Jory, Joe Olivieri, J.Ed Araiza, and Jean-Louis Rodrigue to name a few.
"Being off-balance and on-target is the goal."

VOICE: Paul Wagar, Roderick Menzies
"The voice always needs to connect to the need of saying something"

MOVEMENT: J.Ed Araiza, Tom O'Connor, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, and Ed Monaghan
(Suzuki and Viewpoints, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Stage/TV/Film Combat, respectively)

I can help you with:
-Self Tapes
-Textual analysis
+ Whatever you need!

My experience primarily draws from the theater, but I also have experience in film and sketch comedy (including editing, directing, and writing).

Working hard and having fun can be synonymous: So let's play!

I'm open to scheduling too! Email me at pdate92@gmail.com.

Instagram: @pdkepner
Website: Davidckepner.com
Phone: 213-260-0575 (inquiries only)

I am currently in my third year at UCLA for my M.F.A. in Acting (As well as a degree in acquiring student debt since I'm so good at it). I love to laugh, game, relate, and create - So, baby, let's collaborate! 


31 Reader Reviews

" David is a great reader. Very helpful . Thank you sir! "
" He’s awesome! Highly recommend! "
" Great reader...Great sport as I worked out what I needed. "
" He’s the bomb. "
" I truly loved working with David, this was actually my first time using weauditon.com for my readers and it was great!! I really like David his advice was and take on my scene was really helpful. "
" GREAT READER, very patient "
" David is great! So relaxed, and super easy to work with. "
" Awesome! "
" Great! "
" Great reader "
" David helped me get up to speed really quickly on a scene. I really appreciated his help. "
" Excellent as always! "
" Thank you David... Excellent reader helped about self tape and reel hope to read with him again . "
" AWESOME!!! So helpful and giving with his time :) "
" David was awesome! He's very down to Earth and works with what you need. It was good to practice with a friendly actor. "
" Awesome working with David, he gave me loads of attempts and advised when i asked him to "
" David really takes the time to help out and keep doing take after take! Always appreciated. "
" Thanks again David! "
" Super helpful. Great coach and gave honest feedback. "
" Great session with David. He's so much fun to work with and to run scenes with. Thanks David. "
" David always asks great questions and offers constructive notes that add so much depth to my tapes. Thanks! "
" Really enjoyed working with David! Thank you! I'll be back! "
" David was so knowledgable and able to help me dig into my Shakespearean text. Appreciated his feedback and coaching. :) "
" Two enthusiastic thumbs up "
" David is the bomb! Would totally work for him again! "
" Excellent Cold Reader! Great laid back energy! "
" David was awesome to work with. Loved all his feedback, which added nuance to my performance that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Looking forward to working together again! "
" Amazing reader! Thank you so much, David! "
" Fantastic, thoughtfull feedback. Wonderful! "
" Great instincts and advice! "
" David is great, full of great ideas, great energy & a really generous scene partner. Can't wait to work with him again. "

Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
2017 [IMDB]
Netflix and Kill
2017 [IMDB]
Twelfth Night
2016 [IMDB]
The 5 Stages of Trump