Danny Mahoney

Hi there!

I'm a Canadian actor based in London, England. I have worked extensively in theatre, film and television since graduating from LAMDA in 2011.

Theatre credits include both on and off London's West End as well as internationally. Most recently I completed the second season of Purgatory as a series regular for Popstar TV.

I'm an experienced acting coach having both private clients as well as teaching at the Cambridge School for VIsual and Performing Arts.

If I'm not online and you would like to set up some time in advance please email me at dmahoney24@gmail.com

Danny is a Canadian actor based in London. Since graduating from LAMDA in 2011 he has worked in both on and off London’s West End, opposite Meryl Streep and Maggie Smith, and has just wrapped the second season of Purgatory for Popstar TV

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" Total Pro!! "
" Great advice on finding the right emotion for this intense scene! Super fun to work with. "
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" Danny is always very helpful , super friendly and gives great advice :) "
" So amazing! "
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" Danny is so lovely!! I hope I run into him again here. Really thoughtful, fun, insightful, present, great notes and easy to work/play with! "
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" Bueno "
" Great reader! "
" Danny was extremely helpful with his insights. He helped me tremendously in finding my character and the character's intentions. I can't thank him enough!! "
" Danny is the best!! So fun to read with a such a cheerleader. Thanks Danny! "
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" Excellent reader and great coaching. Danny jumped right in with fresh ideas and new perspective on a very lengthy audition. Super positive and encouraging. "
" Great work! Really pleasant. Thank you for being great! "
" What an amazing nice person. Thank you for helping me with both scenes and giving ideas to make this so much better!!!! "
" Great reader! "
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" Such a great scene partner! Danny is so fun to work with. "
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" Fab as ever!!! "
" SO HELPFUL! Down to meet me exactly where I'm at without rushing. Direction and notes were super helpful "
" Danny could not have been MORE supportive on a truly insane audition packet. He's quick, attentive, and set me up for success. I can't recommend highly enough! "
" Wonderful coach! It really felt like I was in a virtual room with a director working with me to get my best performance. Great note giver and scene partner (and so patient)! "
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" Super! Thank you! "
" Great reader as always! Thank you! "
" So helpful! Gave really good notes. And super supportive!! "
" Danny is an awesome scene partner. We worked on two scenes and he got into character for both so easily!!! Lots of fun. Thank you :) "
" Danny was so lovely! Really helped me to identify moments to give more or pull back. Thankyou! "
" Danny is great reader. Looks like he enjoys acting a lot. Very quickly understood the script and was able to give constructive feedback. "
" Danny is great! He put a lot of energy into reading for my self-tape as well as gave valuable feedback. I could tell he wanted me to win. Thanks Danny! "
" Insightful and caring, with tons of experience to share! "
" Couldn't have asked for a better reader--and such good casting! Exactly what I needed as my opposite! "
" Amazing! So patient and gave great notes! "
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" Danny is an awesome reader! "
" Danny was awesome - a brilliant actor and so warm and kind. Really helped me out "
" Danny was amazing! Such a great reader and super helpful with material! Also just overall wonderful human thank you! "
" Really great session! Thanks for getting me to push past my comfort zone! "
" Tech problems "
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" Superb reader and excellent input "
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" Very helpful! "
" So helpful and so friendly! Definitely want to work with him again! "
" Danny was amazing. He is very patient, supportive and gives great feedback and suggestions. I will definitely be working with him again :) "
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" This guy rocks!!! Such a great actor! Always a pleasure Danny:) "
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" Danny is a great reader!!! Very positive energy! Thank you sir:) "
" Super friendly and helpful! "

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